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  1. Screen display problems

    Thanks, i'll try. Hope that it work
  2. Hi all, I'm install Hackintosh 10.12.6, everything work fine but sometimes my screen appear some square (see the attachment). Anyone here can help me fix this ? My hack is: Core I5 - Sandybrigde Intel HD3000 Thanks.
  3. Dear all, I'm using HP 430 Notebook PC with detail : HD Graphic 3000 Intel Sandy Brigde - Core I5 So, I'm install hackintosh Sierra 10.12.5 with clover for legacy bios. Everything work well excerpt some hotkey or function key. Brightness slider are enable and work normally with AppleBrighnessInjector.kext My audio function key work well but the orther did not work. Anyone here can help me about this. Thanks. Sorry for my English. Remember from forum rules
  4. I have install successful my Hack, it's running perfectly but FileNVRAM didn't work. I config my brightness, audio level and it's auto reset to default after reboot. Anyone have the same problem so help me solve this. Thanks !