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  1. Yeah, it is clear there is none, though question is whether the whole thing of running a Mac OS in VMware was a tendentious hype of two years ago. Or are people still working on it. I saw torrents with the unlockers being posted just even some month ago containing the same old virtualisation bypasser for workstatin 7 to 8. Since it is 2014 now, why not update the bypasser too?
  2. The first message you are getting sounds familiar to me, doesn't seem to be related to the Mac Os VM, I got it with other VM's too, you can just click it away and choose to not see it again. For the second one you need the "Hardware Virtualization Bypasser", which if your lucky, depending on your VMware version, should do the trick.
  3. Hi, is there any chance on a distant future patch for workstation 10 on Win 7 32 bit? The old one just doesn't work.