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  1. reinstalling takes some time indeed... thats way i always have a fresh install copy.. on an external disk.. so i can put it back fast with carbon clone but for now i am out of ideas... sorry..
  2. thats strange indeed what about a fresh install? so a fresh install on ssd disable sleepimage/remove sleepimage then copy disk to hd then move users folder to hd then put back apllications and media?
  3. i am on mountian lion too mmm it works for me.. i gained 8 GB of space ( my system got 8 gb ram) it should work... ,mmm try this make a new user with full administrion rights this new user will then automatically be on ssd disk ( wont take much space) log in to this new adminitration accoutn and try again to disable sleep image and sleep mode can you show me you disk usage?
  4. in OS X Terminal put the following commands (which will require you to enter your admin password): To remove the sleep image file: sudo rm -rf /var/vm/sleepimage To disable safe sleep mode: sudo pmset hibernatemode 0 do this.. dont need sleep image when running the commands be sure you booted from ssd disk and not hd so must be from running system on ssd disk
  5. the sleep mode image also uses a lot of space remove it and disable it like thisL in OS X Terminal put the following commands (which will require you to enter your admin password): To remove the sleep image file: sudo rm -rf /var/vm/sleepimage To disable safe sleep mode: sudo pmset hibernatemode 0 http://www.tuaw.com/...ecessary-in-os/
  6. I use ilife to, and updates work just fine. Ilife doesn't install on users folder but application folder.. that stays on boot disk(ssd) so moving users folder doesn't affect application folder from a working system i would do this: copy from working system the whole disk ( 20 gb ssd disk) to hd with carbon cloner then move user folder like in the link i showed you it will work.. even updating ilife after moving user folder, reboot en delete user folder on ssd disk.. so you can use the space
  7. I have the same mobo I installed osx on ssd and put users directory on big HD Works perfect for me.. System is very fast on ssd... http://martinbay.net/how-to-move-user-folder/
  8. RAID for Dummies

    got it working with the latest chameleon (2 rc 3) by replacing with latest boot version
  9. So i got 3 disks disk 1 is bootable. with snow leopard using chameleon 2 booter within snow leopard i made a striped raid with the other two disks so far so good then i used a fresh install of snow leopard and installed it on the raid ( from a running snow) then i boot from disk 1 .. and the chameleon booter sees the raid disk i select raid disk and try to boot but screen stops after loading null CPUPowermanagement.kext so .. how can i boot the raid.? if chameleon sees the raid. shouldnt I be able to boot from it?
  10. Snow Won't Boot on 1.5TB Hard Drive

    how come snow leopard can't boot on a 1.5 tb ?
  11. why do result go up and down. in same session? i go up and down from 80 to 135 gflop with 8800 gtx i expected results to be stable within a session
  12. Webcam for Snow Leopard

    thx i think i will buy the xbox 360 webcam
  13. Is there an out of the box cheap webcam solution for Snowleopard?
  14. 8 units for the intel cpu? how is that possible?