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  1. Hi. I've solved most of my boot problems using dart=0, disabling VT technology. Now my hackintosh boots fast and audio is working. Now I have to try IntelAzulFB because I see some graphics errors... Everything else seems to be all right now
  2. Updates 1- OK, understood. I'll buy an USB solution 2- It was not the "maxmem" param. The solution is using just "-x" in boot options. But I've read that you have the same problem and you need this option too, so it can be considered a "normal" issue. 3&4- Intel HD4600 and 780M are detected in System info, but Intel HD is used in desktop. I don't have translucent top bar but, using Graphics Mode, now I have better resolution. I'll check if kext are loaded or not... I think this problem is because using "-x" during boot, so some kexts are not loaded (I could be wrong, because I'm totally newbie) 5- I have tried to use some old VoodooPS2 old kexts. I'll try using your suggestion this afternoon. Yesterday I tried to install my sound card but I couldn't. I suppose I'm not using correct kexts so, there is any universal kext for audio? Later I could look for a bettter solution, but first I'd like to have my sound card working. Thank you for your help.
  3. Hello everyone..This is my first post and I'm preparing my first hachintosh. I've followed some of your instructions (thank you slayer2333) and others and finally I've installed Mavericks 10.9.4 on my MSI GT70 20D-1212XES (http://es.msi.com/product/nb/GT70_2OD.html#specification). I think is almost the same model as your GT70 20D but with spanish keyboard. I've not modified my BIOS, because I modified mach_kernel and it worked for me. But I have some doubts I hope some of you can solve: 1- I understand it's possible to have my Killer e2200 ethernet running (and I have it now) but it's impossible to have my native WIFI running. Am I right? 2- I can't boot OSX installation or Mavericks on my laptop until I use -x maxmem=4096. How can I use my 8GB of RAM? If I don't use "maxmem" param, boot stops when mac logo appears. 3- I can't set a resolution higher than 1024x768 (And I think I'm using intel HD as a main VGA). Why is this happening? 4- It's possible to have Nvidia GTX 780M fully running? According to iMac specs, 780M is used and working on some models(https://www.apple.com/en/imac/specs/) 5- I need to use USB keyboard and mouse because laptop keyboard and mouse are not working on OSX. Is there any kext that solve this issue? Right now I'm trying to have my sound card running... I'm trying installing your kext. Once done I'll try to fix my issues if you can help me Thank you.