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  1. as long as genuine macs run as nicely as they currently do then I don't see a problem with this.
  2. dnm

    Java or Ruby

    ruby, really good tutorials for that
  3. dnm

    Pixelmator Vs. Photoshop

    depends what you use photoshop for, i tried pixelmator and couldnt even do a single piece of work with it. Doesn't even have guides grids and rulers if i remember rightly
  4. dnm

    Office 2008, Copying Apple yet again?

    if it was the windows version it would have been ripping off, but its the mac version so its just being consistent. Notice they did it wrong, good mac apps don't have ok/cancel in prefs because the changes are instant
  5. dnm

    Xtorrent...is it worth it?

    no, its just a different interface on transmission, search isn't needed if your a member of a big tracker
  6. dnm

    Why is my leopard so slow?

    because its not a real Mac and not designed or tested on that hardware?
  7. Anyone know if it would be possible to make the terminal window transparent and blurry, just like the menus in Leopard?
  8. dnm

    A missed spot on leopard;)

    tiger only ever did it for quicktime and dvd player
  9. "will that eliminate Camino" nah it will look kinda right but it wont feel right
  10. dnm

    I Killed Leopard Already >.<'

    You very rarely need to add anything like firewalls to mac osx, the included stuff does the job great for 95% of people. Definitely do a bit of googling next time
  11. dnm

    Base System install error

    yes there is a hardware check, look on apple support. Its hold D on boot or something
  12. dnm

    Base System install error

    you don't need it… but I really think it was the bad ram causing my problem
  13. dnm

    Base System install error

    I HAD THE EXACT SAME PROBLEM! On a brand new 24 inch Al iMac I even tried a different leopard disk, same problem again. After about 6 attempts I got it to install by removing one of my ram sticks ( I think I have a bad one beacuse I get the bad ram beep at boot sometime) I also unchecked printer drivers, X11 and all languages (less stuff installed means less chance to go wrong)
  14. You really don't understand what "native" means to some of us. Native to you must mean "it runs, without crashing and at a decent speed" to me native means "completely seamless with the operating system to an extent where I don't need to think about anything, it works and fits right in" For example, Trillian on Windows is not a true native program because it feels like nothing else in windows and the UI is completely custom Adium on OS X is completely native because it supports all the niceties of osx, spell checking, same shortcuts, same UI controls, everything behaves and looks as it should Photoshop and other wine apps will never ever be "native" on Linux… but I doubt linux users would notice anyway their whole operating system is a mishmash of GUI frameworks, bet drag and drop hardly even works yet between that mess