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  1. 14 hours ago, meaganmargaret said:

    UEFI Shell tip:


    It is important to be able to type a colon for file management purposes.  The only answer I've found is to use an older Mac wired keyboard.   Wired windows keyboards, wireless keyboards don't work.   The only solution for me was to use the full size wired Apple keyboard.


    Actually i use usb full apple keyboard and i can't type colon !

  2. attachicon.gifCLOVER jmjrr.zip



    Ur processor is skylake or kabylake?

    where u install other kexts?

    attachicon.gifCLOVER Rasstar.zip

    ssdt dont work good?

    send me one ioreg


    attachicon.gifCLOVER stalvatero.zip

    take a test




    ok replaced the files, and so far everything ok, but after wake screen wakes then power off then power on again, but seems to work!


    i need to test with deep sleep


    thanks a lot :)