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  1. 10.5.1 9B18 Is Out - Run Update

    Same here. The update went flawlessly and after I patched the kernel it booted again About this Mac now says 10.5.1 / 9B18
  2. terminal...

    perhaps try sh ./scriptname.sh
  3. BrazilMac on Dell GX620? Possible?

    Try to boot with the -v mode. This way you can see if it hangs or not while booting. Your Dell should have a sse3 capable processor installed so that shouldn't be an issue. The loading time is assumably longer than that of the Tiger DVD, so i guess your just too in patient Just give it another try. Your Dell has a intel 945 chipset with a GM950 onboard graphics adapter who are supported by the OS by default, it has too work
  4. Dell d620 Boot Issue

    You have to disable the second core in the bios. You can find this setting under the Performance menu. Please let me know if you get the networking (wireless or lan) and the sound working. Video works for me with the NVidia Quadro.
  5. leopard on a pc?

    Try booting with -x :-)
  6. Disc NOT Booting!

    Burn again. I also screwed a DL yesterday. After that happend i just try'd to burn it again in the same way and that one burned well. You should not burn the DMG with Toast. Toast doesn't burn a bootable DVD...
  7. install on ibook. Need some help

    Installed Leopard today on a G4 iBook (latest model). Burned the DMG to a DL DVD and it worked without a hitch.
  8. Drag n Drop !

    True, but you should never install a beta OS on a production machine or it must be on a seperate hdd. I'm currently playing around with Leopard. I've installed it on my G3 iBook because i've read that this may not be possible. I'm currently trying to get it to work on a test machine (i945 / P4 3,2ghz) on a clean hdd. And of course i have my production machine on 10.4.7, which I intent to keep like it is because it's very stable.
  9. Drag n Drop !

    Why the heck are you installing a OS, which is very Beta, on a production machine? That's even more stupid than installing Windows on a Mac..
  10. Trouble With 10.5

    You did ran a backup with Time Machine huh? Time Machine can't restore your data if you havent configured it. Btw, your log seems say that there's an unexpected error with a device on bus 253 and something about USB. Try it again without any USB peripherals connected..
  11. Leopard Upgrade Costs?

    Looking at Apple's history with OSX, it's easy to say that Leopard will cost you 130 US dollar. Upgraden is quite easy thou, since Leopard can be installed on a excisting Tiger installation without loss of data.
  12. 10.5 on a G3

    Well can't blame Apple for getting rid of the G3 support. The G3 already last's for at least 8 years now and whe have intel proc's now My expectation is that PPC support will be off in Mac OS X 10.6 But now that i've got a G3 and a G4 running, it's time to crack Leopard for my P4 "mac's"
  13. 10.5 on a G3

    Just a little screenshot for the proof
  14. 10.5 on a G3

    Just downloaded the DMG of Leopard this week and try'd to install it on my G3 800Mhz iBook. I've done some searching in the installer to see what's supported and found that there's a check for G3 proc's. I've burned the image to DVD-R DL to make sure, and the installer give's an error message saying that my hardware isn't supported. After editing the installer it did install succesfully, and i will show how to edit the file. First convert the DMG to a read/write enabled DMG with the Disk Utility. Mount the converted DMG and edit /Volumes/Mac OS X Install DVD/System/Installation/Packages/OSInstall.mpkg/Contents/OSInstall.dist with tekstedit. In the top of the file there are a few lines who look like this: function checkSupportedMachine(machineType){ // Fail on G3 if (1 != system.sysctl('hw.vectorunit') ) { return false; } var badMachines = ['iMac','PowerBook1,1','PowerBook2,1', 'AAPL,Gossamer', 'AAPL,PowerMac G3', 'AAPL,PowerBook1998', 'AAPL,PowerBook1999']; if(machineType){ var length = badMachines.length; // Fail if any of the compatible values match the list of badMachines for( var j = 0; j < length; j++ ){ if(machineType == badMachines[j]){ return false; } } } // if we can't find it, assume it's supported return true; } Change these lines to just this: function checkSupportedMachine(machineType){ // if we can't find it, assume it's supported return true; } Then burn the DMG to a dual layer DVD and have fun! There are a few thing that don't work with a G3. Safari doesn't wan't to start and the prefspanel for Pages doesn't work. Safari can be enabled by copying it from a Tiger installation :-) I've just installed Leopard on a G4, and it does work very well on a G4. Please keep me updated with any error's and bugs you may find on a G3. Meanwhile, i'm enjoying the first iBook G3 with Leopard in the Netherlands
  15. download macos

    Just download the torrent for 10.4.4 and just wait till it's hacked. I'm already seeding it for six days now