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  1. unix

    A Thanksgiving Freeze

    Interestingly, my MBP 2.2 GHz has not exhibited any of these problems UNLESS I am using Spaces actively. It is also only using spaces that my Bluetooth Kbd and mouse randomly disconnected. I am however having wireless problems were introduced with Leopard, as well, independently of Spaces. Just one more data point ...
  2. unix

    Project Indiana

    Didn't Leopard just get DTrace? It also looks like ZFS is on its way in more than a read-only form.
  3. unix

    Blu-Ray for MacBook Pros

    Ah, yes. I always forget about the behemoth!
  4. unix

    Blu-Ray for MacBook Pros

    Are the displays set up for it? I mean, they cannot run native HD, right? Additionally, is there any software to decode or burn Blu-Ray discs yet?
  5. Depends on what you're doing. Probably it will help. If you monitor your page ins/page outs on memory (using iStat, MenuMeters, etc.), then if you see a lot of of page outs and a large swap space, then it's likely that you will benefit from more memory. On my PowerBook G4, moving from 768 MB to 1.25 GB wasn't actually that noticeable, but 1 GB to 2 GB on my MacBook was a big difference.
  6. With all respect, it's hard to take seriously any such claim where specs are reported wrong (wireless) and there is no mention of something basic like RAM. Regardless, there are many budget PCs available that get the job done, and for less than a Mac (or a Vaio) it is certainly true. It's all been said before, so no need for me to go there - it all boils down to stuff that people value differently.
  7. Disco is automatically double checking the burns it makes. In theory this is great and all, but what are the chances it actually finds something? Has this feature ever helped anyone?
  8. unix

    Looking for a well supported Macbook distro...

    You know, Ubuntu is well worth taking a look. Its strength lies in the user community -- there are so many dedicated folks using Ubuntu on their MacBooks that support is incredibly good. Check out Ubuntu's forums for more. They have really detailed and easy to follow howtos on everything you might want to get working on the MacBook.
  9. unix

    Greatest Mac in History

    Haha, now this looks more like an old oscilloscope. Anyway, I am surprised that more people haven't picked the Pismo. If i remember correctly, it was one of the -- if not the -- first laptop to include a DVD-ROM drive. Two extensible bays. It was the first notebook to include FireWire in place of SCSI. It had that G4 logic board in it, that's a first. Weighing in at 6 lbs. beat anything on the market at the time. Super easy installation of hard drive and memory, right under the keyboard, which was somewhat revolutionary considering that not a single Pro Mac laptop since then has had a very easy hard drive installation. In fact, it hasn't been considered user replaceable and continues to void the warranty since the TiBook. The MacBooks are the next evolution in that process, by the way (amazing). But as much as I have liked most of my previous Macs, that Pismo was near perfect. I still miss working on it. EDIT: Oh, I forgot -- it also was the first internally wireless capable laptop, wasn't it? It had the capability for 802.11b with a built in airport card.