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  1. Thank's Dong !!! Yeah my acer aspire 4920 can switch to 1280x800 ... and here is the details on attachments...
  2. netson99

    Running Leopard in Leopard

    Hi, take a look on this iatkos v5i on vmware with screenshot ...
  3. it's look like that vmware guest cannot find the cdrom / dvd image. I have found this condition severel times on my experiment, and what i did : power down the guest OS and then after a while restart again, the guest os will boot as what expected ( boot with the ISO cdrom image)
  4. hi all, I have documented my installation of iAtkos v5i on vmware here : iAtkos v5i on vmware tutorial
  5. If you have vmware workstation and want to try, I have a success story on installing iatkos v5i on vmware and docummented see my signature for the details ... -- good luck --
  6. I tried that on my machine and working well ... fyi: please see my signature for details story ..
  7. netson99

    iatkos 5 on vmware

    What I do if this happen, I just restart the guest os ... and it will start ok. I have success story on my machine : acer aspire 4920/ 2G ram on Host os ubuntu 8.10 x86_64 and have documented on here : iatkos v5i on vmware --- happy virtualization ---
  8. Hi, I have success story on installing iAtkos v5i on VMWare. You can view the story on this link : iAtkos v5i on Vmware