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  1. 10.13.4 update went smooth as usual. Latest Clover, updated lilu including plugin kexts, FakePCIID_x kexts as well, not sure which were new or not. I removed NvidiaGraphicsFixup and patched to stop AGDP from loading through Clover config as RacerMaster suggested to someone before, been meaning to do that. Repaired permissions and rebuilt kext cache to fix brightness keys. Headphone jack still worked fine (didn't have to reinstall any thing). HDMI out including audio worked.
  2. Check my efi in post here http://www.insanelymac.com/forum/topic/324366-dell-xps-15-9560-4k-touch-1tb-ssd-32gb-ram-100-adobergb%E2%80%8B/page-13?do=findComment&comment=2518412 I'm using DW1560 just fine, make sure you have same kext and proper edits to your config. I noticed I don't have that kext firmware repo kext you have but instead have the firmware data one instead.
  3. blazinsmokey

    [Guide] Dell XPS 15 9560 - High Sierra 10.13.2

    NvidiaGraphicsFixup is not just for NVIDIA. There's actually multiple uses for it besides making a NVIDIA card work. The reason for our laptops using this is stated clearly in the original guide created by KNNSpeed. Quoted below. Just like how a desktop can use this kext it to avoid black screen on boot by using a ConfigMap of "none" our laptops can use this method so that our HDMI out will function properly. Don't be sorry for wanting to help. If he removes that kext, how would you get the HDMI working the "optimized" way? I'm fascinated by your tremendous knowledge on how our hack's components are setup to function. Please enlighten us.
  4. Hey man you PM'd me about my 9560 and sleep and also installation error which I told you to come here. I just noticed now, reading your post here that you're following the guide for the 9550, can I ask why? You have a 9560 don't you? You can follow this awesome guide KNNSpeed setup for us and in the past few pages or so you can find out the changes for high sierra. I believe one of my posts a few pages back even includes a EFI. Also listing your detailed hardware in your signature would a great benefit to you and the people trying to help you.
  5. Wow, what an easy fix, thanks TheRacerMaster! For those on HS here is how I accomplished changing FirstPollDelay from the default 4000ms to 16000ms. Show contents of ACPIBatteryManager.kext Edit: info.plist Navigate to: IOKitPersonalities > ACPI Battery Manager > Configuration > FirstPollDelay Change the values 4000 to 16000
  6. Can semi-confirm on High Sierra, everything seems up and normal. I've had minor issues with the battery/power percentages not updating on the menu bar for a bit since updating to HS but nothing else. Glad you guys are still around!
  7. I was wondering if any of you had success with USB-C PD on our hackbooks. Currently looking for a new monitor and was thinking about grabbing one with USB-C power delivery so I can just use that to charge up my laptop and for possibly second monitor. Thoughts?
  8. As expected the two security updates bumping our versions up to 17B1003 have no ill-effect on our setups. All on High Sierra should definitely do the updates asap.
  9. Mine seems to work fine, last night I was testing plugged and it worked great dipped down to 0.8 and hovered there pretty long. Then today I'm unplugged about my day and just checked with Intel Power Gadget and it's going down and hitting plenty of different speeds between 0.8GHz and 1.3GHz. Ohh this is cool, so it stays persistent through incremental upgrades. I am a stupid man and didn't back up the original, so I'll have to wait till next update to try it out, I'm an idiot. Oh I do have an original on my desktop rig, you think I could just copy it over from there? This file is the same in all installations right?
  10. 10.13.1 working good here, you'll have to update your permissions and rebuild kext cache to fix keyboard brightness. Update your lilu and plugins as well. A cool discovery over by sbeanie at tmac site. He got our processors to idle at 800MHz instead of 1.3GHz. Don't believe we are allowed to link there but very easy to find in KNNSpeed's thread over there. Basic overview below. Use piker alpha's vectors script, make sure you select the correct board/smbios you're using in my case 14,3. https://github.com/Piker-Alpha/freqVectorsEdit.sh.git Don't reboot and rebuild kextcache "sudo kextcache -i /", reboot and then enjoy lower idle speeds. For me it worked just from doing the above but Rehabman's advice was to not use ssdtPRgen.sh as it's unnecessary and only SSDT-PluginType1.aml. This option can be enabled in your clover config.plist with clover configurator in the SSDT section.
  11. Rebuild kext cache and repair permissions, reboot. I had no issues.
  12. Thanks RM, I may give that a go later, I just reinstalled the original one attached to this guide and now everything works again. Anything you can share from personally using that version instead? For others if they are interested in benchmarks. CPU and OpenCL from Geekbench. Archive has files I'm currently using, config needs smbios serial generated. Archive.zip Essentially I'm using the same files as KNNSpeeds, minus some kexts and ssdt. I removed some kexts b/c of native support for our CPU/iGPU. Also I don't really need the fan and hwmonitor stuff so I removed those as well.
  13. In KNNSpeed's same guide at tony site someone has got the sound working. User tgmac. https://www.tonymacx86.com/threads/guide-dell-xps-15-9560-4k-touch-1tb-ssd-32gb-ram-100-adobergb.224486/page-19#post-1605417 A few posts later he uploads the kexts he's using after my request. I think he made some changes for HS compatibility. I'm using all his files and it works. I deleted my Windows partition b/c Sierra on with KNNSpeed's guide is that stable so last night I tried HS on a separate partition and was satisfied enough to make it my main OS for now. Only problem I have right now is the voodoops2 he's using doesn't seem to have a back and forth trackpad gesture. I was using KNNSpeed's from his original and could 3 finger swipe back and forth. Curious what voodoops2 you're using in HS?
  14. Thanks for the help. Got HDMI audio working now, glad I understood this time you meant to go back to original hdmi audio kext. Went through your config and did the same injections for intelGFX. Now I'm back to HD 630 and "unspoofed". Really appreciate your patience!! All set for now I guess. My new files attached for other people if needed. config.zip Other.zip
  15. Now your first reply makes so much sense. I got it working, I think. Says KBL CRB now. I never removed FakePCIID_Intel_HD_Graphics.kext so that might have been it. HDMI audio no longer works as you've stated would happen. I'm trying to get it to work. I've made the changes to my config but in your original post you said "Also take a look at my FakePCIID_Intel_HDMI_Audio kext: I had to modify it to use the 9d70 device id." Where can I see how this is changed? Or can you upload that to help me out?