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  1. @m1nhx Correct, but if you want to get things going it might get a little more involved than that. I recommend you search "dual boot" with quotations in the search field to see how people got through it. It's been very well documented on this forum.
  2. I've never had that problem come up. Maybe a new installation disk is necessary. 10.9.4 should not be the problem for that. A corrupt clover installation or theme could be the culprit.
  3. @ m1nhx You want to add the boot argument dart=0 for your SP2
  4. @snooz This is something we'd typically see on a SP2 installation where I was able to bypass it by changing my color profile. Try these little mini-hacks out. I currently do not have a permanent solution to this issue. Option 1 - Open up System Preferences ----> Displays ---> Color - Select the color profile [sRGB IEC61966-2.1] Option 2 - Download cDock (http://sourceforge.net/projects/cdock/) - Extract then Run cDock - From the pull-down menu, choose the option of "Restore Dock" - Click on OK. - Close cDock Option 3 - Run both of these steps and see if your color comes back. Let me know how this works. cDock essentially re-sets the GUI, where force-quitting finder has been unsuccessful.
  5. So if I'm looking at your phone picture correctly, we're looking at that line of discoloration on the left side of all of your icons? Is there something else I'm missing? You said you had screen flickering and that could be pretty annoying. I think what @aardvark and I are going through is totally different than what you are experiencing. When we take screenshots, we're looking at the distorted image on the processed file out of the OS indicating that it is strictly a software-based issue. Consider the possibility that what you are experiencing is some sort of GPU/CPU damage either from a stint(s) of overheating, condensation/moisture, or aggressive impactive movement to your tablet. I don't imagine the repair cost of that to be very nice to your wallet (or very quick for that mattter) considering your warranty is up. Might I recommend you just "live with it" because it's just your "tablet"?
  6. Maybe it's because I'm on my phone, but I can't see what you are describing on the screenshots. Hardware problem?
  7. Great, I'm glad we found a somewhat working solution. Sometimes, I still get the articles around the apple logo on the top left of the menu bar, but it's a very good overall improvement to the graphical interface. I think @JahStories is on the right path though for a real fix to the issue. Despite it looking fine on my tablet - I still have problems when I plug in my second monitor. Let me know if you are experiencing this too @aardvark. Also, in regard to cdock. Just download it. My dock is distorted 90% of the time on a fresh boot, but when I use cdock to and run the "reload dock" command, I get a nice and very clean-looking, original dock. Check out the screenshot for proof. Thanks for the sound fix, it seems to have fixed the problem.
  8. (SurfacePro2OSX) @aardvark Let me know if this works. From reading your previous posts, I see that you have cdock downloaded and installed. When you run this application, and either change or refresh the dock, the articles look like they go away. Please confirm that this is the case for you. I have restarted and attempted this one multiple times using a specific color profile sRGB IEC61966-2.1. Another question for everybody else. I know there is an issue with the touch-base drivers causing the sound buttons to stop working (which i'm oddly fine with considering I'm running this thing silent most of the time), but I'm having an issue where sound does not initialize at all when booting up, or when coming back from sleep. The couple times sound does work, my bluetooth drivers do not work. I am currently using an RTL8192CU driver for my WiFi, and I'm hoping that has nothing to do with it, but if any of you know if any conflicts that could happen between the devices or this specific driver please let me know.
  9. I took a look at your files. The pixelation is almost identical to what you are experiencing. Alas, I'm not really an expert in that field EITHER, but it is the only thing that has given me any type of relief on the issue. I've included a screenshot with what has been working with the least amount of pixelation for me at a consistent level.
  10. @aardvark, I think you and @jape are correct in that it's strictly regarding the SP2 4300u motherboards. I had a 10.9.3 installation and I saw it back then too. I noticed that when I changed my color profiles, it would reduce or exacerbate the pixelation, or even get rid of it all together. I think a great solution would be to find or calibrate a color profile for this specific situation.
  11. (Surface2osx) Yes, I'm quoting myself. I figured out what was wrong with my installation. It looks like the USB drive was not a right type. I was using a 16GB Mini-USB drive manufactured by SanDisk that did not let me install correctly. I took the same steps to create another USB drive on my USB 32GB 3.0 SanDisk and that had no problem. Now since that is out of the way, I took a long search through the forums to find some people with the same problem. Has anybody figured out the problem with the pixelation and distorted graphics on the top menu bar and the bottom dock background?
  12. Sorry if I wasn't being clear. I'm not having a problem getting the installer going, but I'm having a problem with the actual Installed OSX (What I called the installation). I have no problems booting up my pendrive.
  13. (surface2osx) First off, I want to thank everyone that contributes to this forum. It has been a pleasure reading how helpful you have been in all this. I am a long-time reader, first-time poster. I have gone through the entire procedure and got this thing going well, but I ran into a complication that made me wipe my entire SSD. I think I'm in a bad spot, but I'm hoping someone can help me out with this. I want to note a couple things. - I currently have a GUID formatted hard drive, formatted by OSX via Thumbdrive installation. - I can only boot into the installation via Safe Mode. - I have attempted installing clover to the SSD, but to no avail. I keep on getting an error when the installation says "Validating Packages" - I have zero interest in using Windows 8.1, but it seems that I am stuck right now as I do not even have a means to install that either. - I admit I have made some mistakes through trying to get this thing going, and it was lovely until I made a mistake from installing v.03 files while I had a v.04 installation going well. I completely n00b'd out trying to get sleep going when I realized that my SDXC card was preventing my system going to sleep only after the fact, so I installed the v.03 files when I had a solid v.04 going. So considering my situation(s), what would be my best method to get 10.9.4 going on this thing again. I have a hackintosh i7 4770K as my desktop system, and I have access to a 15" MBP Retina to work with the OSX side of the files. Can anybody help? I really do not want to send my tablet into Microsoft.