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    AMD Radeon HD 8890M on OS X

    Hi, I have an All-In-One PC (Asus E2702T or something?) and got Mavericks mostly running - planning on updating to Yosemite soon and would if needed. I've been using hacked Macs since it was first possible and programming over 20 years - willing to do mostly whatever it takes to make this work - within reason - I have no issue patching stuff / etc. Sound, LAN, WiFi works. Trying to get video accelleration. The video device is an AMD Radeon HD 8890M System Info lists the graphics chipset as 1002:6820 - "Venus XTX [Radeon HD 8890M / R9 M275X]" and the HDMI audio as 1002:aab0 "Cape Verde/Pitcairn HDMI Audio [Radeon HD 7700 / 7800 Series]" To boot, I am using: GraphicsEnabler=No "Graphics Mode"="2560x1440x32" Oddly, if I use half 1280x720x32, it never enters OS X. 2560x1440 is the native resolution of the 27" in-built panel. If I use GraphicsEnabler=Yes it seems to detect the card..maybe? I saw some related stuff in the logs but I'd probably have to snap a pic quick to get it or.. But once it does it's thing - the screen goes blank - as in, no signal (as if I unplugged it - which is obviously impossible) Any and all help appreciated. Thanks.
  2. I'm having trouble patching the kext for 10.9.5.. I can't seem to find the correct areas to patch regardless of what kext version I'm using. I need to patch it for dev id 164c : Broadcom NetXtreme BCM5708 Any help is greatly appreciated! Last step in having my haXserve running (poweredge 2950) Really, all I need is the appropriate kext to patch I would guess / addresses to patch. I searched for all the addresses I could find in this and other threads and no luck with any of the versions of the driver I have.
  3. Forbidden Era

    PowerEdge 2950 - HaXserve

    I just wanted to let everyone know that I've managed to get OS X up and running on a Dell PowerEdge 2950.. I got one of these for free basically: 2x Intel Xeon QuadCore 3.0ghz (8 cores) 16 GB FB-DIMM 6-port SAS RAID Controller etc.. What I did: Lots of googling! Found a thread on another site from another user with the same machine experiencing the same kernel panic I was. The solution was to basically use Pandora's installer and inject a Kext for the RAID controller (not necesary if using the onboard SATA ports). Had to inject the kexts from the installer's terminal after installation as well to get it to boot (FakeSMC.kext, NullCPUPowerManagement.kext, the RAID kext) RAID Kext compatible with the PERC6/I in my 2950: http://www.insanelymac.com/forum/topic/285197-driver-for-lsi-megaraid-sas-family/ At this moment, I'm online with all 8 cores functioning, only booted with 4GB ram right now. No ethernet at this point but It's bed time. I should state that I was able to install and boot with the built in integrated graphics. No CI or QE or resolution change, though really - there's no sense in using this card, I will be modding my x8 slot tomorrow to fit a discrete card. Will post a screenshot as soon as I get ethernet working! I intend on using this as a DAW - I have a HackPro (core 2 duo) and a MacBook Pro (core 2 duo) and neither of them can really do what I need in Logic.. I think 8 cores will help.. Going to throw an Audigy in there and run some audio cables to the HackPro
  4. Output is working on the External (which is the first PCI card), doesn't see the internal yet. Now that the driver's at least working I can start to play. Edit: Also had to get Win7 up and running dual-boot on the HackPro - will be useful for comparisons (eg. Windows driver is more complete)
  5. Didn't realize the OS X code was on github, I didn't see it when I looked. nst, if you're playing with things we should butt heads. I have been coding for 20+ years. I has a 680i LT (with 680i BIOS) hackpro wit an Audigy 2 Internal PCI (SB0244) and an Audigy 2 PCI (SB0280) "External" (break-out box). And probably 20 other creative cards in a box (Sb live, audigy, audigy 2 value, etc) I want both cards to work (and internal audio would be nice too since my board has optical out and 6 ports but thats a whole other story) with input, output, low latency. DSP routing etc. would be nice too (aka GUI) The whole reason I set up this HackPro is because I've switched to Logic completely now and my Macbook Pro isn't cutting it. I can use my S4 as a SC but then I have to use the internal audio on the mbp. I'd rather use the S4 of the mbp and the audigy exernal on the hackpro. My m-audio audiophile usb died when trying to get it to work on Mavericks (tried a different driver that fried the firmware) so I want the audigy to work. They don't make cards like this. Now that I know the OS X code is actually up there.. well.. tehe.