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  1. Opinions on Macbooks?

    Guess I would have totally different preferences there, I want my laptop to be as small and easy to bring along as possible with no extra things to stick in it .. If need real calculating power get another desktop.. does a lot more for a lot smaller price in general.. Just my opinion there..!
  2. memory

    WrenBird is actually right as far as I know, I both replaced memory on my iMac and Macbook and they are equal with exception of clockspeed which should be no problem since it's possible to run the memory at a slower speed as long as it has the same pinstructure and no difference in voltage (i.e. between DDRI and DDRII) which should not be the case with your models.
  3. Macbook Tiger -> Leopard

    It's impossible to upgrade your 'old mac' using a restore dvd of a newer version.. so get a legal retail DVD and it should be fine.
  4. Very slow forum, server busy..

    I still get quite a few invision board based messages stating that the server is too busy to handle my request...
  5. Free Windows XP anti-virus

    Makes me wonder where he/they obtain 'virus definitions' however? I'd say it's quite a big process to do on your own....
  6. DO NOT BUY invisible shield

    Had positive experiences myself.. didn't receive the first shipment (note: i'm living in holland, so probably got lost on the way). They sent a second one for free.
  7. Cheap for EU.. www.lowratevoip.com www.poivy.com