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  1. inequals

    Random hangs and freezes Mojave

    bugger. Just ping'd OCSP without issue, but I must say I haven't noticed the issue so much. I have a frankly ridiculous amount of startup apps enabled, and given that it seems normal now (either that or I have merely acclimatised to it). Anyhow, great find. Hopefully this will help others. Are you on the latest, 10.14.2?
  2. inequals

    Random hangs and freezes Mojave

    I'm sorry I put the question in such a way that I was asking you to decide which FS I should use. I know that's a complex question with no proper answer. But, are you saying that APFS' TRIM implementation is such that it conflicts with having TRIM enabled elsewhere? Surely, any file system is operating at one level removed from the physical block management of the SSD? So the idea that APFS could replicate the entire TRIM functionality completely is confusing my stupid brain. As my system SSD is not "Apple", I'm leaning towards moving back to HFS+ w/TRIM forced on.
  3. inequals

    Random hangs and freezes Mojave

    First time I've seen this - I somehow ended up with APFS on my system drive (a NVME 960 Evo), are you telling me I should disable TRIM? For real? Or - should I just erase and restore my backup to HFS+, and keep TRIM enabled? Thanks in advance.
  4. inequals

    No Acceleration for Radeon RX460

    Hey, I'm using HS with a 460 (as in my sig). Everything works, only issue I have is after waking from sleep video acceleration doesn't work. However, you should be able to get more than a black screen! How is your display connected to your hackintosh, and have you tried different ports? E.g. if it's connected via HDMI try DisplayPort or DVI.
  5. inequals

    Poor performance in games

    Well yeah... have you ever used a genuine Mac? Hehe
  6. inequals

    Dual Monitors not Working in High Sierra

    I'm having this same issue. Tempted to try changing the system definition in SMBIOS (I'm using 18,1), but won't that freak out iCloud/AppleID/iMessage etc? I've got mine all working so nicely... But then I would like my second monitor to work........ Hmmm