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  1. Sounds like a curroption in system files. Format the Mavericks HDD, and re-install OS X again.
  2. Mackinhack68

    Boot hang at SMC successfully Initialized

    The problem has been solved! No more freezes, and fast boot time! Turns out it was the NullCpuPowermanagement kext causing problems. I guess it was interfering with the BIOS-controlled CPU speedstepping. So the problem was a faulty kext in my case. Also, patching the FakeSMC plugin to a newer version helped solving this problem! Thankyou for the help guys!
  3. Mackinhack68

    Boot hang at SMC successfully Initialized

    Thankyou for the quick response guys The BIOS setting was already set to "PCI-e graphics" So I tried patching the AppleRTC kext and also installed FakeSMC v5.3.820 and it's plugins, with multib**st, and it solved the booting problem! The OS boots fine now without hanging, but I am facing another problem, after booting successfully, about 30 seconds later the computer just freezes while I'm using it, until I reboot. I tried removing nullcpupowermanagement.kext but still the same problem occurs
  4. Mackinhack68

    Boot hang at SMC successfully Initialized

    Already tried all such flags
  5. I have recently installed OS X Mavericks 10.9.3 on my computer, and everything works great while I'm INSIDE the OS using it. But when it comes to booting up, the screen keeps getting stuck at the grey apple logo screen, with the loading circle infinitely looping until I reboot, only to get the same results over and over. Using verbose mode revealed that the boot process gets stuck at the line "SMC : Successfully Initialized" as shown in the screenshot followed by one or two lines of uninterpretable garbage, until I reboot. So far I have tried infinite combinations of kernel flags, but all give the same results (except -x, which boots up OS X but then there's no graphics kext enabled). I tried changing the system definition from "Mac pro 6,1" to 5,1 and even 3,1. But still the same results. Also as an exception, the OS boots successfully if I use "UseKernelCache=No" flag, but then the OS behaves very abnormally and becomes extremely slow, so I avoid that. Even tried deleting and rebuilding kernel cache but problem still persists. Sometimes with some real good luck it boots succesfully, but that's pretty rare and obviously unreliable. Can anybody please help me on this one? This is real confusing. Thanks System Specs : X-Pro 450W PSU ​Galaxy Geforce GT 520 1GB Gigabyte GA-G41 Combo Pentium Dual Core E5500 @4.1 GHz 6 GB (2+4) DDR3 128 GB Toshiba SSD (Boot Drive) 500 GB Seagate Barracuda HDD LG Supermulti DVD-RW