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  1. Can I install OS X?

    FINALLY!!! Thanks to everone (especially Midi) ^^ Got it working and installed all drivers with Vietnam Tool. But still Wifi Card is not working and sound is only working through external speakers. So can someone tell me how to install wifi? At the moment running 10.9.0
  2. Can I install OS X?

    and what to do with this numbers? boot with a flag or what?
  3. Can I install OS X?

    Okay tell me please what u mean with 3? and how and where do i put these numbers?
  4. Can I install OS X?

    Read everything but sorry im completely new to this. So I dont understand how to find my platform id :/ and then where to write this stuf with the <key> and stuff :/ so i have 3 USB Ports 1 VGA and 1 HDMI If i understood it then of these is my id 0x0166000a Mobile 3 ports: 2 DP, 1 HDMI 0x0166000b Mobile 3 ports: 2 DP, 1 HDMI
  5. Can I install OS X?

    Hey how do i find it? anyways this happens when i boot with -v GraphicsEnabler=No First it stops for like 1 minute at this point Then it stops for like 30 secs at this point And then i get this message and directly black screen What do oyu mean i dont understand exactly what i should do now :/
  6. Can I install OS X?

    Thx for the hlp but like i said i dont own a mac and i dont have acces to any so i need to create that stick with windows :/
  7. Can I install OS X?

    Cant click it xD anyways tried booting now with mavericks from niresh same error as with ml Thats the error i get when i boot my OS X stick from my clover stick
  8. Can I install OS X?

    I will try again now and boot it with -v and show u whats wrong Can you tell me how to make a bootable usb drive with the Niresh 10.8.5 ISO file? i dont have a dmg file
  9. I tried now like 20 times with different settings Bootflags etc. but I dont even get into installing menu.... I dont have a mac to create the bootable usb stick so i created with transmac and used niresh 10.8.5 ISO. (also tried with maverics.dmg image). So yeah, I cannot bot into the stick without clover bootloader. Here are my specs i hope its even possible with my system. Laptop: Lenovo G500S CPU: Intel® Core i5-3230M CPU @ 2.60GHz, 2594 MHz Graphic: Intel® HD Graphics 4000 (2112 MB) RAM: 8GB 1600mhz So yeah hope anyone can tell me if its even possible.