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  1. macgihan

    Apple unveils "macOS Sierra"

    can you help me to how to fix mine ? did you released a new version ?
  2. macgihan

    Apple unveils "macOS Sierra"

    guys have anyone get working BCM4352 ? @RehabMan does ALC 283 working ?(on sierra)
  3. http://www.insanelymac.com/forum/topic/308157-dell-inspiron-3x37-5x37-7x37-clover-install-guideyosemiteel-capitan/
  4. macgihan

    Disk Utility (patched_v2)

    nice work ! thanks
  5. macgihan


  6. Dell Inspiron 3x37-5x37-7x37 Clover Install Guide(Yosemite/El capitan)
  7. can you boot safe mode verbosd
  8. with usb changes made for usb by apple we have to create an usb injector for 10.11 so dell 7537 laptop here is my usb injector (fully functional) Dell_injector.kext.zip
  9. hi there i don't know is this a problem but better to ask from rehabman :- i have 4 x usb 3.0 ports in my laptop(only 4 ports-intel) and # if i connect usb 2.0 device to my laptop>> it shows in usb 3 hub( is that mean fault with my injector created) # no problems with usb 3.0 devices so far thanks
  10. here is the DSDT which i patched for Dell 7537(4500U+1080P) laptop fully functional for 10.10.x/10.11/x DSDT.aml.zip
  11. Version 1


    here is my DSDT patched for Dell 7537(1080P) with intel 4500U report me if there are any issues
  12. cool so solution is to add config plist patches?
  13. so this mean no need of port injectors?