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  1. AmdCPUMonitor and HWSensors 3.3.1

    xeocacad I had same problem for some time. And tbh i'm not exactly sure what fixed it - i just walked through installation process again and then it worked...
  2. can't install 10.9.3 - any ideas what could be wrong?

    You tried old (10.9.0) and new (modded for 2.1) kernels and none of them work? Makes me think, there is something with VGA, because I have same CPU and it worked like charm. Also strange thing is that You don't get kernel panic, which should be in case of wrong kernel / kexts - so that makes Me think more that it might be VGA issue...
  3. AmdCPUMonitor and HWSensors 3.3.1

    It still shows ~10c lower than windows does. Considering OSX cant use Cool'n'Quiet - it seems impossible. I am learning to look around in codes lately so I will try and get what is issue. Thanks again!
  4. sebastiantrrr Have you tried using ##### and/or specific Kexts for your hardware? Edit: Oops, need to read that...
  5. can't install 10.9.3 - any ideas what could be wrong?

    This is strange, because I updated to 10.9.3 without problems using 2.1 kernel from Niresh. Also, you could try like this: 1. Backup your working mach_kernel and S/L/E folder 2. Update to 10.9.3 3. Boot with usb to terminal 4. Replace new mach_kernel and S/L/E with backuped ones (don't forget to back new ones too, just in case) 5. Fix permissions (chown -R root:wheel / chmod -R 755) 6. Restart and boot from HDD Some users are reporting that this method works. Also this is method i updated to 10.9.2 with (Well, I used different mach_kernel and ADDED kexts tho). Good luck!
  6. AMD Cool 'n' Quiet

    I was bothered with My CPU running on high temps (55c) (having stock cooler now) on Mavericks and running pretty low(38c) on Windows. I had no idea what it could be, as CPU was pretty much 98-99% idle at that time. Then I ran into this thread and everything seems to be clear now. Is there any way to overcome this problem? Like patching kernel or doing something else? Thanks!
  7. AmdCPUMonitor and HWSensors 3.3.1

    Hello there, First of all - Thank you very much for your efforts. After some attempts, I managed to install this monitor and it does show as "CPU Proximity" in HWMonitor. However, I think that it gives wrong results. There are 2 issues: 1. Sometimes temperature jumps very high steps. e.g. it is 40c and in 1 second it becomes 45c, after 2 more seconds its 38c. I think its impossible to CPU act like that. Also there is no load on CPU at that time - just random system processes and browser (w/o flash player). 2. Since I have stock cooler at the moment (aftermarket one is on its way) - My CPU runs pretty hot (55-57c), but AmdCPUMonitor shows max 40-45. When I see 40c on monitors, I restart PC and when going into bios - I see ~54c there. Which is strange. (Also seems that Coll'n'Quiet doesn't work on OSX because I think CPU runs on clock speed permanently) My Specs: FX-8320 on stock clock ASUS M5A99FX PRO R2.0 Niresh Distro 10.9.0 updated to 10.9.2 combo and swapped kernel (not Bronya one - the one is on Niresh's site) Also I'd love to mention that I am pretty new to Hackintosh (Installed first one like 3 days ago ), so I might be slow to understanding some terms. But I am software developer and so far I think I'm doing good progress Thank You!