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    10.4.9 Source Released

    Okay, now that everything has been said and done, and all the craziness has been finished, can you get back to why this thread was started? The 10.4.9 kernel sources are out, there are a bunch of amd/sse2 user who need a functional kernel. Apparently kiko has one working, so without further ado can we just a get some info on where and when it will be live.
  2. often, so does my laptop, that is what this is really for, the videostate is not being reinitalized by hardware, i think they expect "windows" to do it, but alas nothing. So it was the fix. As for the no /proc, i was reading about it here http://www.kernelthread.com/mac/apme/procfs/, someone tried to port procfs over but with no luck, that does however mean that indeed all the data is there, we just need to get our hands on it. happy hacking : ) (my 10.4.8 SSE2 ISO just finished, so i am going to try to be more helpful now) I am really just getting to the point where i can really code stuff that matter (just finshed my second year).
  3. thanks kiko, I thought that this had been integrated with the SSE3 semthex kernel, and for some reason was not being done this for the SSE2 kernel, that is obviously not the case. Also what about a source tree for the new throttling kext? I know the one that is currently used was based off the original Neils one for 8.4.1, but a recent one would not be bad. I really want to try my hand at maybe modifying it a bit to allows for defining states based on aribitrary Vcore/multipler pairs like RMClock does in windows. Finally, and i don't know if this will help with sleep, but i had an insane time with sleep in linux on my laptop. A very similar problem happened, i would sleep, but i woke up, it either did not return the display state, or would crash instantly. So i did something rather simple, I dump the videocard state on sleep, and reloaded on wake, that way i ensured that everything was reinitialized properly, maybe this might help. here is the script (no credit here, i did not write it) # discover video card's ID ID=`lspci | grep VGA | awk '{ print $1 }' | sed -e 's@0000:@@' -e 's@:@/@'` # securely create a temporary file TMP_FILE=`mktemp /var/tmp/video_state.XXXXXX` trap 'rm -f $TMP_FILE' 0 1 15 # switch to virtual terminal 1 to avoid graphics # corruption in X chvt 1 # write all unwritten data (just in case) sync # dump current data from the video card to the # temporary file cat /proc/bus/pci/$ID > $TMP_FILE # suspend echo -n mem > /sys/power/state # restore video card data from the temporary file # on resume cat $TMP_FILE > /proc/bus/pci/$ID /etc/init.d/networking restart # switch back to virtual terminal 7 (running X) chvt 9 sleep 4 # remove temporary file rm -f $TMP_FILE
  4. I was wondering why no work had been done to port this to SSE2? Also is there a source patch of the kernel tree anyone can download, you know to tool around with?
  5. blinksilver

    calling all ALC260 users

    I promise to post something come tuesday of next week, sorry, I have been really busy lately and have not gotten around to doing anything at all related to OS X86, not that i am need much anymore these days with all the good hackers around. : ). But i will get around to it then, just pester me, but right now i have two algorithm courses, and two midterms, a programming project and alot of reading., but i will post id and all that stuff later, maybe even get around to a generic laptop install guide for the genius bar. sorry for the delay, i bought a stopgap measure for my OSx86 fix (a barebottom macbook) and have not had time in a while. seven days a week i work or am at school till 5. But I promise to get to it.
  6. blinksilver

    calling all ALC260 users

    We are around ; ). I can confirm the the ALC260 is working and as decribed above will only work for the internal speakers of your laptop OR, the single stereo output of your desktop. not much else can be done, unless you are willing to code.
  7. blinksilver

    I must be a moron

    I would recommend not using that software, its not native the last time i checked. Why not just use apples imaging and scanning, its not bad and native.
  8. blinksilver

    Cheapest way to get sound?

    how bout something that is nicer and internal? Like i have ALC882 and am forced to run it in stereo with no input so i am willing to splurg a bit for something nice, not too much, but something worth the price.
  9. blinksilver


    http://kernel.macosforge.org/ I THINK I AM GOING TO CRY (I am sorry but think this worrent caps.)
  10. blinksilver

    borisbadenov ATI X1000-series Solution

    does anyone else but munky have a functional desktop x1800 working?
  11. oh one more thing, who makes the ethernet control chipset, that could be a source of problems.
  12. actually i beg to differ, everything looks pretty spot on, assuming you do some tweaking, i would get the 8 cell battery. the CPU, no brainer the chipset inside the MPB the GPU inside the mac mini (that means you get widescreen) the sound, AppleAzaila kext or maybe AppleHDA usb, card reader, express card, bluetooth, check check check check. the only real problem maybe the ACPI controls, like brightness, you may also have a problem with your headphone/mic jack, but that is almost startard these days in osx86 also the wireless is probably not going to work, but you can buy a card from IBM that will, they sell the atheros card that Apple uses. I am sure there is a hack for everything else : )
  13. instead of going out of your way to buy a new system with a crazy Apple preimium, why don't you just buy a new CPU(assuming apple does not have some kinda custom version with a lock)? If the project is single threaded (l have no idea how FCP works) there is 3ghz 970Gx, if not, then a duel core 2.5ghz 970mp. get a {censored}load of ram, and finally some fiber optic PCI cards to have an external raid array as recommended. instead of buying a new G5 get a faster G5 CPU. but I agree with everyone here, what you really need is a couple (or maybe 4) duel core hyperthread overclocked Xeon or opterons. what i was suggesting is a stop gap measure. FWIW, i rigged up a duel core 3.8GHz pentium D "PowerHac." Its currently used to surf the internet really fast. : ( such a horrible waste of proccessing power, But that is for another day. When I sit on G5 2.5ghz duel and when i sit on that hacked setup, it makes a world of difference, you can really tell how much faster the hacked setup is.
  14. blinksilver

    This is a tough choice

    http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.asp?...N82E16813186074 http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.asp?...N82E16813157086 both of these are better investment of your money, although check the other components, sound, lan etc. and its not just this, anything ICH7 will probably do you good. of course with the bottom one you need a PCI express videocard, but the top one has a GMA950 : )