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  1. Yes, works great. I've done it successfully in the past with a Nexus 5. Pair the phone first, enable connection tethering from its settings, then from the Bluetooth menu in Surface's taskbar find your paired device and select Connect to network.
  2. Hello guys. Has anyone had any success with sound input using the applehda kext?
  3. Guys I'm using the 0.5.1 provided dsdt and drivers but I don't have audio input. Is anyone else experiencing the same problem?
  4. The 0.5.1 included AppleHDA.kext doesn't give me internal microphone access. ("No input devices found"). How can I fix this?
  5. @JahStories Nope. It doesn't work. My previous AppleIntelFramebufferCapri was version 10.0.86 and the one you attached is 10.0.77. The only difference with 10.0.77 is that when I plug in the cable, the Surface screen goes black for half a second (as if it understood that I plugged in an external screen) but the external screen doesn't receive a signal. With the 10.0.86 it didn't even 'blink' when I plugged in the cable..
  6. It just doesn't work. I connect an external monitor to the miniDisplayPort via a miniDisplayPort to DVI adapter and it doesn't work. In my previous setup (Mavericks 10.9.5) I had to install a 'HD4000 DP/HDMI port' kext from the Hackintosh Vietnam Tool, which I also did now in the Yosemite clean setup and it doesn't work. Is there any workaround?
  7. Oh, I didn't phrase it properly. I have a problem with the video output, not the audio one. Audio is working fine.
  8. @Mirone Is there a patch available? (Or instructions somewhere? I thought I saw a post with this specific info in the previous thread - Mavericks - but I can't seem to find it)
  9. Guys, does anyone have a fix for the hdmi output? Nor does it work with the provided kexts (that's normal), neither with the HD4000 fix from the Vietnam tool.
  10. (surfaceosx) Can you please elaborate on what wrong steps did you take to lose bt, usb, and qe/ci, after direct update? I'm planning to take the leap from 10.9.5 to 10.10 the coming weekend and direct update is the first step on my course of action.
  11. Take care of that issue as you might fry your μSD card. I already rendered one 64gb card useless (non writable state) because I ignored this message. If anyone knows how to fix the sleep issue or the card issue, I'd be grateful to know.
  12. You might just want to enable "Mirror Displays" (so the tablet screen isn't an extension) and turn the brightness all the way down.
  13. Just updated to 10.9.5 and managed to make my system work just as before. Initially I had audio and bluetooth issues. I think it's high time I learnt how (and why) to patch DSDTs. Can any experienced user point me to the right direction?
  14. Any brave souls to install 10.9.5?
  15. Have you tried installing Kexts>Graphics>HD4000 DP/HDMI Port via the Vietnam tool?