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  1. PowerPC Kernel for Snow Leopard

    Our G5's could be restored to their former glory!
  2. PowerPC Kernel for Snow Leopard

    I'd love to see if he's still working on it!
  3. PowerPC Kernel for Snow Leopard

    Did you get anywhere with this yet? Quite excited about it!
  4. Help getting ATI ES1000 accelerated and working.

    I tried this boot flag and nothing improved. As I said I will post logs tonight, but -v turned up nothing out of the ordinary.
  5. Help getting ATI ES1000 accelerated and working.

    Alright, I'll post the logs tonight.
  6. Build:http://unixsurplus.com/product/tesla...16gb-1u-server CPU:http://ark.intel.com/products/28032/...z-1333-MHz-FSB Mobo:http://www.supermicro.com/products/m.../X7DWT-INF.cfm iGPU: ATI ES1000 [64 MB] My build is running Lion, but has the same problem on Mountain Lion, and Mavericks. The iGPU is a 64 MB model yet the system only registers 3 MB. How can the system detect all VRam and enable accelerated graphics? Thanks!