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  1. Seems none of these actually work

    I do have ahci enabled and think I've always used it when the OS would support it Can I ask about how to fix the boot partititon and install the efi manually since the automatic install in these discs seems to fail perpetually? yes I am a noob when it comes to the terminal window - be gentle
  2. Kalyway Leopard 10.5.1 Installer Disk

    Moose, I'd love a look at how to fix the boot and efi - is there a guide for the problem with the BA2?
  3. Seems none of these actually work

    added to original post Thanks
  4. So aside from the JaS 10.4.8Nothing and I mean nothing seems to work beyond that 10.4.11 no boot with any combination of efi or non efi same thing for the 10.5.1 discs from uphuck or iatkos all clean installs to my disc 0 and flat formatted (gui or mbr does not make any difference) and it never fails to boot to my lan card looking for a boot rom from elsewhere I'm out of ideas and would love suggestions Systems specs ATI 2600XT Q6600 Quad core Intel Bad Axe 2 8GB DDR 4 - 500GB sata hd 2 - NEC DVD-r should work, even according to the HCL but no joy