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  1. Here's how to cleanly acquire working audio, for both 10.8.5, and Mavericks (currently at DP8) on the EX58-UD5: -First, setup an injection method. You'll need to select between 3 layout-ids, so scroll down, through the ReadMe-article, linked. -Second patch for ALC885, not 889. ALC889 is not the same as 889a/885 -- which is the UD5's chip. -- ..Lastly, if you're feeling lazy, here's a dsdt (F13 bios, layout1) and patched AppleHDA. Cheers. DSDT.aml.zip AppleHDA.kext.zip
  2. bm2

    Ideal Mid-Range GPU

    Sure, it's a valid question. And, there's a great answer- From Tom's Hardware, for Nov. 2010: Best Card for ~$250 and Card Hierarchy Comparison Chart After that, just cross-check whatever card catches your eye with this (ATI) subforum, to see if others have had success. And, when you're ready, Netkas is your friend.
  3. bm2

    Help with 4890 in Snow Leopard

    An update, for 10.6.3 + 4890: Remove EVOEnabler or ATY_Init, from any installed locations Install these updated 10.6.3 kexts, as described above: ATI4800Controller.kext.zip ATIRadeonX2000.kext.zip [*] Install Chameleon 2.0 RC4 (or newer), or AsereBLN Booter [*] Open /Extra/com.apple.boot.plist in TextEdit, and add: <key>GraphicsEnabler</key> <string>Yes</string> Note: 4800Controller kext additionally includes XFX's device id, since that's the card I use -- the copy included in QE_CI_Exotic_SL.pkg doesn't.
  4. Three questions, for those with the EX58-UD5 + 10.6.2: What are your typical startup times? Does chameleon/variant have an oddly slow phase, before osX begins loading? ...eg. when typing boot options, the keypresses register with noticeable delay, and the "loading extensions.mkext" messages appear slower than later phases of the boot process. Do you have device removal errors, with usb drives, after waking from hibernate? (not sleep) ...Note: I had to compile a modified chameleon variant before hibernate would work -- modification of aserebln's.
  5. I saw this thread, after replying to your original. I'll quote the reply, since it has a more permanent solution:
  6. bm2

    Has anyone ever reached 2560x1600 resolution?

    I have a 3008WFP running through an XFX 4890, on a ud5 board. I definitely had to play detective, on a number of issues. My 4890 has two dvi ports. Here's what I found: * Dual link only works out of port-2; port-1 is single link only, for now. * Chameleon/pc_efi10 needs the option "Graphics Mode"="2560x1600x32", or the display is black, after startup ...without that option set, recovery from this state requires either putting the display to sleep via control+shift+eject, or unplugging/re-plugging it in * With a dual-link screen active (port-2), plugging an additional screen into port-1 port invokes a kernel panic, under 10.6 * Evoenabler is required, to run in 64-bit mode -- aty_init and efi strings both fail here, in different ways ...Evoenabler is only configured for the 4890, by default. It can be modified for the 4870 as well, though
  7. bm2

    Help with 4890 in Snow Leopard

    First, you need an enabler, so your card is recognized by OS X. ATY_Init is the most common, but fails in 64-bit mode. EVOenabler is both 32 and 64-bit compatible. It's also pre-patched for the 4890: EVOenabler.kext.zip Second, you need a patched ATI4800Controller kext, so the "built-in" ATI framebuffer gets activated for your card. ATI4800Controller.kext.zip Third, you need a patched ATIRadeonX2000 kext, so acceleration is activated for your card. ATIRadeonX2000.kext.zip Lastly, to install the linked kexts, unzip them, copy them to /System/Library/Extensions. Following which, in Terminal.app, execute this code:
  8. BJMoose, Just to be sure- the issue with the latest round of "64-bit capable" r1000 kexts is that they corrupt the Gigabyte cmos, for all subsequent restarts. The LAN ports are not correctly recognized by the bios, anymore, and thus aren't available. To recover the LAN ports, just switch off the power-supply, or disconnect the mains. Wait until the blue "Clear CMOS" light on the rear button flickers off-on-off, then press it in. Switch back on the mains/power-supply, start up, and select a stored profile or reconfigure the bios. So far, nobody has produced a working 64-bit r1000 kext for Gigabyte ex58 boards.