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  1. Battery is ok. I have searched in google, it’s known problem of z87 motherboards. Nobody knows how to fix it))) if your time is wrong but it’s in future, installation should go well I think. But my wrong time is in past, so looks like Mac OS think that’s impossible that installation package was downloaded in future and show error))
  2. Hey guys! I've solved the problem. I watched logs on that screen with error and found that installation file was created -720xx or so milliseconds ago. So I checked BIOS settings... My {censored} z87-a motherboard was freezing the time, I have this trouble since I've bought it. BIOS freezes time randomly when it want. After rebooting it mostly stay on last point when I've set it manually. This time I went to BIOS every reboot during installation and had manually set time to current time. And installation worked well with all 4 hard drives plugged in, with old config.plist in Clover etc. Thank you all for help.
  3. Hi. First of all I've read topic where Frank Nitty tried to install Mac OS from USB flash drive in this thread Thread. I have another situation. So, first thing that happened is I had the same error message when updated my hackintosh from 10.12 to 10.13 (from AppStore as always). But I've solved it by changing ProductName from 14,1 to 18,1 in SMBIOS section of config.plist Now I am trying to update from 10.13 to 10.13.1 and 18,1 does not help now. I get error "The path /System/Installation/Packages/OSInstall.mpkg appears to be missing or damaged" every time after files copying, and rebooting by installer. I've tried next ideas already: run the terminal command sudo NVRAM -c to reset my NVRAM before installing/upgrading High Sierra. Try Clover r4220+ (I have 4268) and remove FirmwareFeatures/FirmwareFeaturesMask/PlatformFeature and BIOS version/release date/Board-ID data from config.plist/SMBIOS to allow Clover to inject up to date values. Update to @Slice's latest FakeSMC v3.50. And also unplugged another drives with EFI from motherboard So, I cannot understand what I can do now, I think I've tried everything I could find on forums. Please help me to solve this. Thank you!