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    Thinking about a Sony Vaio TX

    I'm running OSX 10.4.6 on a TX1 (1st European version). Wifi won't work and you can't change it as it's built into the motherboard. GFX works fine, although 1366x768 needs SwitchResX to create the resolution setting. Also needs a dongle/external screen on boot (see the various threads for this subject) or it'll crash on Aqua loading. The sound works, but not the sound output. PCMCIA doesn't work at all, lacks a driver so if you want wifi you'll need to go USB2, which I haven't attempted yet. Same for the MemoryStick/SD reader, it's all TexasInstruments stuff so no drivers. DVD burner works, bluetooth does too, and no mouse/keyboard issues apart from the usual hotkey stuff. It basically runs very nicely. If you're in Europe, the TX3 is the latest model, and it probably runs about the same (the only difference is using a CoreSolo ULV instead of a Pentium M ULV and a GMA950 gfx chipset, as far as I can tell).
  2. nothingness

    OpenDarwin.org is dead

    Apple shut down today their Open Darwin site after four years of operations. It was originally set up to develop a derivative, standalone OS from OS X using it's UNIX base. It has failed (from lack of third party developper interest IMHO). Hopefully this isn't the end of the "open source" Darwin base for OS X though. Watch this space, I'm sure there's going to be quite a bit of renewed speculation, especially with Leopard being announced soon.
  3. nothingness

    Disattivare la sospensione alla chiusura del monitor

    Non parla italiano, ma: Homepage della Insomnia.kext e le forum thread Ciao.
  4. nothingness

    Can't install Darwin 8.0 from ISO

    @cyrana: Didn't work after setting up in linux? How very strange... I prep all my OSX stuff from linux (as my disk structure is fairly complicated) and never had any problems. But then again, haven't tried Darwin on this lappie.
  5. nothingness

    problems logging in

    Well what more were you expecting ? Darwin is a text only system by default, you landed in the console shell. From there you can do just about anything a unix system can. Go and install fink or darwin ports or something, and get X11 so you can have a nice graphical desktop (but nothing like Aqua). Read unix/linux stuff to work out want you want to do.
  6. nothingness

    Intel PRO/Wireless 2200 driver

    Just trying to be clear here Tuxx: I thought you'd given aroman access to your code base and he was working from that, not going for a whole new driver? And your 20 page thread has been shut down (for a good reason too, people whining about porting linux/bsd drivers have just no idea of how a microkernel works). I'd love to give your driver a spin, although as you say the lack of ieee80211 and network family kexts in 10.4.3 when you started definitely hindered development. Now that they are present in 10.4.6 (presumably... I don't have macbook yet) will the driver be able to be completed without too much effort? To people offering coding help, just go and get the CVS code, work on it and then submit your modifications. Then the site admins might grant you full access and things will move forward. Just making empty offers isn't enough, you need to provide fresh code from the start, which is how all Open Source projects work.
  7. nothingness

    Intel PRO/Wireless 2200 driver

    Yes I gathered that... trouble is, 10.4.6 doesn't have an IONetworkingFamily.kext . Or rather, the 10.4.4 kernel doesn't, as no one has a working 10.4.6 kernel currently as far as I know, just 10.4.6 userland.
  8. nothingness

    [FRA]Probleme installation mac osx 10.4.6

    Salut, Ton problème est bien connu, Il ne vient pas de la non-detection de matériel mais du fait que ton notebook a une sortie vga, et OS X traite ça comme l'écran principal. Pour une installation réussie il te faut connecter un moniteur avant de démarrer. Il y a 2-3 procédures apres pour corriger le problème mais toutes dependent de bricolage hardware ou d'avoir un bios qui permette de triturer les reglages video.
  9. nothingness

    Intel PRO/Wireless 2200 driver

    Well I found my 10.4.3 DVD and extracted the IONetworkFamily.kext, loaded it and still no go, despite a reboot. The iwi2200 module complains of an invalid version for IONetworkFamily. I'm going to parse other network card threads to see if anyone has solved a similar issue. Keep the faith guys...
  10. nothingness

    Triple Booth for newbie

    Well you can definitely triple boot, that's what I'm doing now. You need grub (not LILO... not flexible enough) under SuSE. Add two entries in grub.conf for XP and OSX pointing to the correct partitions seen the grub way ( ie, your first parition of the first disk is (hd0,0) , the linux equivalent of /dev/hda1) and boot them via the chainloader +1 instruction. Pretty easy and works fine. As for filesystems, you're going to get stuck from within XP. Here's what the current situation is: - XP can only read/write to ntfs and fat32 natively. There are apparently utils out there to at least read hfs+, but other XP users can answer that. I can't be bothered as XP is of use only for Skype Video as far as I'm concerned. It's completely incapable of accessing modern linux filesystems (ext2 might work but that's crash prone). - OSX can read/write hfs+ and read ntfs and fat32 (possibly write to fat32 too), as far as I can tell. Seems incapable of mounting any linux partitions. - Linux can read/write hfs+ and fat32, and read ntfs (there's a hack out there called Captive to write ntfs, but it's true linux guru stuff, not for the faint hearted). So your only answer if you want a swap partition between them all, is fat32. Which is going to be unreliable. Otherwise just let OSX and SuSE read from the NTFS partition... As far as the order in which to install the computer, i'd do it like this: 1. Install SuSE and create at the installation stage these partitions: /dev/hda1 type 7 ( ntfs ) /dev/hda2 type AF ( Darwin Boot ) make this partition active /dev/hda3 type 82 ( linux swap ) /dev/hda5 type 83 (linux ) /dev/hda6 type 83 (linux) for your /home 2. configure grub 3. install XP 4. install OSX you're done normally with this. I recommend partitionning from Linux only, as it's got the most flexible tools. OSX will kill all your partitions if you let loose DiskUtility on them, and NT's Computer Manager won't even acknowledge non MS partitions. Good luck !
  11. nothingness

    Intel PRO/Wireless 2200 driver

    First of all, congratulations to the dev guys, tuxx and aroman, you seem to be making some progress. Good luck with the exams, I understand your predicament no end. I've downloaded the CVS version of the driver and compiled no problem with Xcode. I've been able to load it and get this from the system profiler under Extensions: Here's what the dmesg throws up: So the hardware looks like it's getting initialised OK and all. System Prefs detect a new PCI device for networking (en1) which is very encouraging. Unfortunately I just can't track down a copy of com.apple.iokit.IONetworkingFamily. I'll look through my various Mac install DVDs to see if I have it somewhere and get back to you when done. This is just a little report to show interest and to show that people are trying out your work a little bit. I'll be happy to help test further when things are stabilized.
  12. I've also had boot problems with this image, no matter what I do with -v, -x, -F or platform=X86PC options, the kernel crashes after much DVD thrashing. This appears to happen just before switching to graphic installer mode as I have once had a blue screen but as I have an i915 chipset this of course led to a crash as it couldn't cope with the 1366x768 screen resolution. Is this version really worth using? I've got 8F1111 too but can't seem to patch correctly from osx 10.4.1.
  13. nothingness


    Sony Vaio TX1-XP works fine: 900GMA graphics chipset so Quartz Extreme & Core Image work (although you have to go through the external monitor hack at each boot for the time being). Sound works, so does network (intel e100 ). I'm currently triple booting Gentoo Linux, Mac OS X Intel & Win XP Pro on it. DVD Burner is recognized too. The only thing that doesn't work is the integrated ipw2200 wifi card. I guess that'll be supported fairly soon. Otherwise it runs really well and I'd say this laptop puts most Apple hardware to shame in style and power.