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  1. iMessage & Facetime is not working

    I didn't know Messages was part of Handoff. The problem for me is that it isn't immediately clear what is and is not a Handoff-capable application, but that's more a UX fault than functionality.
  2. iMessage & Facetime is not working

    I've found I could at least get iMessage messages working by injecting a System ID with clover, as my board suffers from the SId bug. I don't know if SMS even works or if it needs iOS 8 because I can't get it to work. DP2 may prove different.
  3. Chameleon r2377 OS X Yosemite

    That means that FakeSMC.kext isn't in /S/L/E and you will need to copy it there.
  4. iMessage & Facetime is not working

    I can sign in to iMessage but I can't acctually send or receive anything. Another thing is I can't set my presence/status at all. My iPhone isn't on iOS 8 so I'm wondering if there's incompatible protocols in play. Or maybe I have to delete everything now to start it over.
  5. Chameleon r2377 OS X Yosemite

    FileNVRAM should be generating it on it's own as part of the boot process (to put it in a simple way) and it seems Clover is also having trouble with nvram. We'll just have to wait on it.
  6. I'm finding the same using Clover. I'd be happy to help troubleshoot this. For what it's worth, FileNVRAM doesn't seem to work with Chameleon either.
  7. Chameleon r2377 OS X Yosemite

    Do you get an nvram file at all? I don't think FileNVRAM is generating anything at all from what I can see. This is probably something that will need a fix.
  8. Chameleon r2377 OS X Yosemite

    This worked, but I noticed no nvram file was being generated. I reinstalled Chameleon to be sure I didn't mess something up, and now I'm getting the memory allocation error again. I suppose things aren't quite compatible yet. If anyone has had more success getting it to work, let me know. I may try a full reinstall of the OS.
  9. Chameleon r2377 OS X Yosemite

    The good news is that this allowed to me to finally boot and install Yosemite. The bad news is that FileNVRAM seems to be messing up the boot process in some way. The whole thing just goes to a blank screen after processing AppleKextExcludeList.kext. If there's a way to get logs, I can provide them. This basically means that getting iMessage to work is going to be very, very hard, if not impossible.