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  1. ashcliffe

    Opencore 0.5.8 startup error file

    Thank you. Worked very well!!!!!
  2. ashcliffe

    Opencore 0.5.8 startup error file

    I converted boot from Clover to OC 0.5.8. Everything is fine. I even solved few sleep/wake problems I have. I use Catalina disk as a primary boot. OC kicks in regardless whether I use windows or OSX. Every time boot occurs I get this file in the EFI partition. It is supposed to show boot errors, missing drivers, etc. In my case I cannot figure out why it shows every time. Please, take a look. maybe you can at least decipher it and send me in the right direction. Oh, yeah: SIP is at 0x67 Thanks in advance opencore-2020-05-17-230104.txt
  3. ashcliffe

    Atheros installer for macOS Mojave and Catalina

    The setup worked really well. Thank you. I got AR9285 working on Catalina. There is a small problem: the signal strength shows 1 dot at the bottom only. The laptop is less than a meeter away from the router and it looks odd. Any ideas?
  4. ashcliffe

    Mojave AppleHDA Conexant CX20590

    Thank you for the suggestion. I had the same result with AppleALC+Lilu. I think that this particular G580 has a crappy mic. I should, probably look at the hardware. My out sound is great
  5. Hello, I have an old laptop Lenovo g580 (20150). I am trying to drag it through all versions of MAC. I have Mojave 10.14.2. running on it. Tried to apply patched AppleHDA to get sound on CX20590. I only have internal speakers and internal mic enabled. I remember having more devices when Sierra was installed. Anyway, output is fine, input is very low. In the system preferences it hardly reaches 1/3 of the bars. Is there any way to boost it? Here is the Hardware Spec: -Lenovo G580 (20150) -i5 3210 -8GB RAM - Conexant audio (CX20590) -Wireless AR9285 -Atheros Ethernet To save some questions: it is laptop (Layout 2) aDummyHDA in S/L/E AppleHDA and HDAEnabler installed in S/L/E Patches generated applied using MaciASL Please, let me know what you need to look at (if you are serious) Have a Merry Christmas