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  1. Sarmu

    Hardware RAID

    In this case, I think this is exactlly what I wanted since I can dual boot this particular array in windows and osx For some reason, I was always under the impression that people successfully installed OSX on raid0 with the sil3132 card created the array with OSX, and not a bios level raid. which will be useless in my case since I still need the array to be reconised in windows. Now I get some interesting read with a clearer mindset
  2. Sarmu

    Hardware RAID

    It's a raid card that need driver, but how did you create the array? during startup or with osx or it's automatically created when the driver is installed?
  3. Sarmu

    Hardware RAID

    Is the SIL3132 true hardware raid or fakeraid? and also are you implementing the raid in hardware, software or fakeraid?
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  5. Sarmu

    EFiX: OSx86 gone commercial?

    I wonder if raid feature on those supported board will work, if so would the array only readable by osx or both osx and windows
  6. Sarmu

    Move application in the dark

    oh cool, thanks for the tip
  7. Sarmu

    Move application in the dark

    I don't have the display icon on my bar, but I don't think that will help What I do is usually I have my third monitor turned off, however when ever I use it and closed that application on that screen, next time when I run that application, I must have that monitor turned on to access that app
  8. Running 3 monitor currently, however the 40" TV isn't always turned on, so when I open an application is there any way to move that application from the screen that is turned off to the ones thats turned on? Also is there anyway to full screen with vlc or quicktime on a different screen then the main one?