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  1. So glad to be here for discussing on SL,it's a big challenge to install it on an AMD platform.Now i feel really tired. here is my hardware list: 01 processor:AMD althon 64 x2 Dual-Core 5000+ 2.6Ghz 02 memory" ADATA DDR2 800 1G X2 03 motherboard: GA MA78GM-S2H V1.1 F7 04 sound card: Relteck 889A 05 networking card Relteck RTL8168/8111C 06 graphic card ATI HD 3650 PCIE 256M 07 harddisk WD 640G SATA2 08 optical driver: PIONEER DVR-112N 09 keyboard: DELL 8115K USB 10 mouse: DELL MOC5UO USB 11 display: LG L226WTQ DVI i've installed this GM version on my PC two days before ,with chameleon(modbin kernel),i succeed login to the SL desktop,but there is no sound,no solution change,no QE/CI. And ,it might be something wrong with my way of installing,this system can't reboot normallly,i have to push the reboot button in order to reboot my PC,i have no idrea.. isn't here a way to enable this ATI 3650 on SL?It has perfect performance in 10.5.8 on my AMD platform with iATKOS_v7. Thanks a lot!
  2. Driver Ati 4760

    to Nick14: you are a good guy!
  3. what can i do? any advice? this never happened bofore when it was PPC version?.And i have tried many times using another Movie to play,but it failed.it must be something wrong with the application itself,i have no idea.. when i saw the UB version not long before,i was so exciting,but right now,i feel lose.
  4. Popwire's WMV codec (unibin)

    so, i agree with domino.~
  5. Mp3 player?

    it's obviously easy to do...
  6. i'm looking for it. i hope that will be soon.
  7. New compile of MPlayer (CVS060310)

    anyway,...actually,it works pretty good !. i have no idea about how to describe this problem(blue color..). take look a this pic. maybe you can help me on expressing it in the right way!
  8. New compile of MPlayer (CVS060310)

    it can play 'rmvb' just with audio... how do you think the blue color around the 'back' button on the controller? of course, it's a good work~
  9. Normally, i download 'rmvb' video online,and just because the software 'realplay' plays this format too bad,actually it's very slow. it can't be so smooth as i play it on Windows,so i'm serious, if i can find the way to play 'rmvb' video on Mac OS x86 in the smooth way, that will be perfect! anybody prefers this format? I'll be glad to hear some good news.
  10. i,m sorry,here is not about password,the booting stoped before the logging progress with blue bottom-color. i don't use password on my PC. |o|
  11. my system is OSX 10.4.5 with 8G1454. i used Mac x86 for a couple of days,and nothing was wrong with it before! But now,after installing iphoto6(i downloaded it by BT),in fact ,the progress reached up to 100% ,but the report said "error",so i haven't got it finished ,and then i restarted my computer,Oops! as a result,i can't log in my MAC now. anybody who can understand me? i'll appreciate you , my friend! i do typed -v &-x & -s .....ect.(although i don't know what's it used for)(strangely, while i typed '?'after ':',i just saw 'Timeout=8 Number of seconds to pause at the boot pormpt.ng' at the top of the screen,and '[Type sapce for next page,q to quit help' at the bottom. anything i should do to save my Mac?