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  1. Hello, I'm looking to build a newer hackintosh using AMD's FM2 platform, but I am waiting for the Kaveri based CPU's without the GPU. Has anyone successfully installed Mavericks on this platform? If so, please help me with links that you've used as reference. Thanks.
  2. AMD Hackintosh, need help.

    maybe you can start with these threads: Prepare Installer with AMD Kernel: HERE Guide I used pre and post install: HERE Good Luck. P.S. If this is your primary machine, I would suggest using another HDD instead of wiping out the current one.
  3. I'm curious to try this on a BT dongle I have laying around. My apologies for reviving old thread, and posting out of turn.
  4. first build, new to anything osx.

    I can say that this build is now complete. With an almost vanilla install, used modified airport driver and applehda kext. Removed NullCPUPowerManagement, got restart to work. No speedstep, I have my cpu manually clocked. Sleep doesn't work, but that's beyond me right now - I don't use sleep much so it's not a deal breaker. I will attach my DSDT, SSDT, et. al. for the curious. Onward to the next challenge. my.stuff.zip
  5. first build, new to anything osx.

    OS X Installed. I just need to dig into Intel power management and clean up my mess. I got my wifi to work and sound. DSDT, kext, and my reading comprehension in the same space proved to be challenging.
  6. first build, new to anything osx.

    Sorry about lack of updates, I haven't given up. Work got somewhat hectic and I found my original board just too finicky, even on a Windows install. What's new: *Changed the motherboard to an Asus P5Q *Same RAM amount *Onboard Sound I looked at other posts of successful installs and skimmed alot of threads, using them as reference to figure out what I overlooked. Turns out I needed to disable Max CPUID Value Limit and enable Execute Disable Bit. I played with a combination of setting until this one successfully got me to the installer. I am close to completing the install and start working on getting the correct kext files for my hardware. Once I have a fully working install and a working restore disk, I will give it a proper case. The experience so far is very humbling but at the same time gratifying. Definitely was worth getting frustrated and almost giving up.
  7. first build, new to anything osx.

    That's the setting I have on my Chameleon boot loader, I wish it actually hangs but it reboots before the gui is displayed. I see the Apple logo for a half a second or so and then a shade of green, then it reboots. I don't have any other items loaded, I'm probably going to verify the Mavericks installer as that could be the culprit, as many users have successfully done this already, I'm going to pick up a retail dvd at the Apple store on Monday.
  8. first build, new to anything osx.

    I would if I can even get it to install to HDD, unfortunately the reboot happens before the hand off from chameleon to the OS X installer, during the kext loading. I may need to manually create my patched dsdt and redo my smbios. I'm also looking into finding the the correct kext for my HD5850. I am not Italian, just a nickname my friends gave me growing up, it stuck so I just owned it all up. Thanks!
  9. first build, new to anything osx.

    I've tried installing numerous times, but the USB installer will proceed and instantly reboot at: Extensions.mkext (goes too fast even when using flags.) - I will research this when I wake up in a few. For the curios: I've disabled Vanderpool ( Virtualization ) in BIOS I've removed the other 2GB pair - now only running 4GB, should I take another stick out and install with only 2GB? I've tried using -v -x -f flags I've read that some people had some success using the MBR patch:link, I need to verify which Mavericks Installer version ( how do I check that btw? ) I have another P5Q Pro board, maybe I should switch motherboards? I need to step back and gather my thoughts, the excitement is obviously clouding my frame of thought.
  10. first build, new to anything osx.

    I used this guide to make my USB installer: link. A very detailed and easy to understand guide. I also extracted my DSDT using rw everything and will edit it post-install as per the guide. The only thing I did different was using the latest FakeSMC, Chameleon, and Chameleon wizard. I've gotten this far using my vm. I'm eager to get to the actual install and post-install parts of the guide, I'm pretty sure that's where the real fun begins! I'll post updates soon, for now I'll leave a quick snap of my hackintosh-in-the-making:
  11. first build, new to anything osx.

    Thanks for the heads up regarding firewire, I am still on the fence about investing on new equipment right now. Now that you've pointed out about Mac compatibility I may have to do more research prior to making a decision on how to get the recording studio set-up. That's basically my ideal set-up, vanilla as much as possible. I have a vm of Mavericks up and have managed to make a USB installer from OS X Base System, added Chameleon, but I didn't do the Chameleon Wizard. I'm confused with some of the steps as well. I will retrace my steps and sort things out later when I get home from work. I appreciate all the help. Thanks again!
  12. first build, new to anything osx.

    It seems I've stumbled upon my first hurdle, my audio card isn't supported. This thread was promising but the OP has since left the project in limbo: link. I guess I have to find an alternate audio out device. I was hoping to make this first build as a recording studio setup; audio mixer et. al. But I guess I can always use a USB based audio out solution.
  13. first build, new to anything osx.

    sounds like a plan! will do, thanks!
  14. First of, hello and thanks to everyone taking the time to look at my project. Here is what I have: Asus P5Q Pro Intel C2D QX9650 2GB x 4 DDR2 Asus D2X Xonar (cmedia based, not sure with chip exactly) Reverted to onboard audio Asus HD 5850 Radeon 1 GB pcie WD Raptor 300GB SATA 2 LG DVD-RW DL SATA TP-Link 802.11n PCI-e And my goal: Get a vanilla OSX Mavericks installed with all devices working with latest released drivers that will be update capable when a new version is released. I may want to install a USB 3.0 pcie card and USB BT 4.0 module. I don't have access to any Mac desktop computer but I may be able to do the vm route to create my USB installer ( finger's crossed) Please point me to relevant guides/tuts/similar build threads. I tried to search the forums but the amount of information is overwhelming, I would like to approach this as concise and efficient as possible. What I know so far ( or I think I know) : I may need to generate DSDT in Windows I may need to create DSDT I may need custom files for power management I may to pick a bootloader that works for my needs I may be way over my head on this one. What I don't know: Alot! So please any help will be most appreciated. I will keep this thread updated with my progress and of course my hurdles. Have a good day. Project Status: COMPLETE ***update*** updated to 10.9.4 via app store, audio and wifi kext needed to be re-installed to bring machine back to normal functionality. Issues: No speedsted No sleep
  15. Introduce yourself

    i saw the other guy's site, not going back there again. it's like buying a lego set at target or going to the lego store and letting your creativity run wild. i'm a total noob with anything mac, some linux, many windows. can understand some scripting logic, but can't code for the life of me. i'm so excited, i'm already getting humbled by all the awesome topics.