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    Current Mac Pro - support for GT 8800?

    Can't try it yet. ;-) Got a Mac Pro on order, with the default GT 120 in there, but the GT 8800 is clearly a better card, which I do have lying around. The other possibility is to get the ATI 4870 and flash that. Decisions, decisions... Apple's done well in making the Mac Pro (apart from they could do with a Mac Pro Mini ;-)) a great computer with excellent upgrade options, but I really wish they'd allow for straight stock PCI-e gfx cards to be installed.
  2. wimdows1

    Current Mac Pro - support for GT 8800?

    Oh {censored}. I have a 8800 GT lying around you see. Hmm. May as well get a stock ATI 4870 then and flash it. Saves me 160 quid in Apple tax. I was just hoping I could install the 8800 GT without any flashing. :-( Thanks for the reply.
  3. Hi, I would be keen to know whether the current generation of the Mac Pro supports the GeForce 8800 GT card out of the box. Does Snow Leopard recognize it without any issues? Can I install any GT 8800 PCI-e card? Surely it doesn't have to be a GT 8800 bought from Apple? I heard the GT 8800 is effectively the same card as the GT 240? Do I need to flash the 8800 BIOS to a GT240 one? Any insights appreciated. Thanks, Wim
  4. Anyone seen this before? What is the best thing to do? Install another driver maybe? Thanks, Wim
  5. Hi all, I've got a triple boot system, Mac OS X & Ubuntu on disk 0, Windows XP on disk 1. I have noticed that after a cold boot, straight into Mac OS, the network card doesn't work (says that the media is not plugged in). However, after I boot into Ubuntu, then issue a restart, the network card does work properly. After rebooting into WinXP, and then into Mac OS it stops working again. It looks like there is some initialization issue which Ubuntu seems to do properly, but Win XP and Mac OS don't. Any pointers or clues appreciated. I am using the Realtek installer as described in the reply to one of my first posts here: http://forum.insanelymac.com/index.php?sho...4412&hl=p35 . Thanks, Wim
  6. Sounds like a case of an MS programmer with VB background using 1-based array indexers instead of zero based, thus doing something like (in pseudo-code): SetUserPermissions(SecurityContext.Users[1]); Whereas they should have used something like: SetUserPermissions(SecurityContext.CurrentUser); It may just be that they got the offset wrong, so logging in as the 2nd user would set permissions on the 3rd user's folders, etc.
  7. Thanks for that info. How will the Darwin bootloader still boot though? Surely Win XP overwrites the MBR? It looks that Win XP isn't too happy with the boot sector as it is, as indicated by the 0x0000007B error I'm getting, see also: http://support.microsoft.com/kb/324103 Any suggestions as to how to install Win XP and dual boot greatly appreciated. Cheers, Wim
  8. Hi all, I have my 200GB disk divided into two partitions, roughly 100GB each. On one of these, I already have OS X 10.4.9 running nicely. Now if I want to install XP - am I correct in assuming that all I need to do is: 1) Copy chain0 somewhere; say to USB stick 2) Install XP into the empty partition 3) Copy chain0 from stick onto C:\ root dir 4) Edit XP's boot.ini and reference chain0 like: C:\chain0="Mac OS X" Is this correct? Or am I missing something? Thanks a bunch, Wim
  9. Hi folks, Just installed and am now running Mac OS X nicely. I tried to be clever and tried to drop the Applications icon in the finder on the left to the dock. And it has disappeared. How can I get it back? And how do I make an easy link into all the Apps rather than open up the Finder? Thanks a bunch, Wim
  10. Thanks a bunch mate - that did the trick! Posting from it as I type ;-)
  11. Hi all, My Gigabyte P35-DS4 with Nvidia 7600GT is working brilliantly except for the onboard network adapter. Tried several steps as adviced in the forums here as well as installed pion's package - all to no avail. Would really appreciate any advice at all at this point. Thanks a ton! Cheers, Wim
  12. Times change. Back when, anyway? The only reason that MS has gained decent marketshare already with Vista is because of OEM bundles with new PC systems through deals with PC giants. A similar approach (a deal with big PC manufacturers to offer Mac OSX on selected hardware) would do exactly the same for Mac OS. Apple simply does not seem interested in marketshare - and that to me is baffling. There are TONS of roads they could've gone down if they really wanted to.
  13. Hehe - you're right Alessandro. Say, anyone got Jobs' number lying around then?
  14. They don't make most of their money by selling computer hardware. They make much more on the various IPod incarnations and now the IPhone. Having more marketshare would ultimately mean more money - more people buying their software like Aperature, Final Cut etc. And people would still buy the dedicated Apple computer hardware anyway. They definitely wouldn't lose money on doing this.
  15. I've been wondering why Apple doesn't do the following: 1) Strike deals with big PC manufacturers like Dell, HP/Compaq, Fujitsu etc. to bundle Mac OSX with pre-defined spec compatible PC systems. 2) Sell Mac OSX separately and provide with it a list of guaranteed to work hardware including individual components and component combinations for people who feel the need to build their own. This would result in: More people having more easily and cheaper access to a great OS. Which means more marketshare for Apple - which in turn would lead software manufacturers to take notice and think about targetting OSX; so more and better software and games would be made for the Mac, making it much more successful. Can someone tell me what I am missing? And why Apple isn't doing this? I figure if they did, Mac OS would be level with Windows marketshare in 5 years time. Why don't they!?