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  1. Change Mac OS X Version easily

    Awesome utility! Thanks so much!!!
  2. After a hours and hours of screwing around I finally got it to work with the help of this thread. It wouldn't continually hang on boot until I removed AGPGart.kext... then it botted up and QE/CI works nicely. System profiler now lists the Bus type as PCI where with AGPGart it said AGP (it's an AGP card) so I don't get that... but it works so who cares what it says. Thanks guys, ya'll are great!
  3. Improving Nvidia Graphics Performance

    *bump* After a bunch more playing around and websearching I ended up putting the Geforce.kext file back into the extensions directory. I found a website about putting my device ID into the Info.plist file so the IOPCIMatch key looks like this: <string>0x0221&0x0000ffff</string> It also had me edit the IOPCIMatch key in NVDANV40Hal.kext and NVDAResman.kext. Then I reinstalled the kext files (chmod/chown) and rebooted. I am now able to boot the system with the Geforce.kext in the extensions directory and dont get any errors upon boot, however upong checking what loaded via kextstat the GeForce kext still isn't loading and I still don't have QE/CI. Is there anyone who has any sort of an idea how to fix this?
  4. Improving Nvidia Graphics Performance

    Ok... so I have a very similar problem and I was hoping someone could send me in the right direction. I'm am trying to get QE/CI working and am running into a couple road blocks. According to the OSX86 wiki if I install Titan QE/CI should have complete support, so I installed Titan according to the wiki's instructions. When I checked the System profiler QE/CI is listed as "not support" under the monitor's section of the Graphics/Displays pane... I don't understand what my monitor has to do with QE/CI being supported? Also, after reading through the rest of the thread and checking which kexts were loaded through the terminal. I have NV40 loaded and no Geforce kexts are loaded. My guess is that is because when I first installed I didn't have any gfx at all and looked through the forum on a different box and found that if on boot, after a successful install, I have no video I should remove all of the Geforce kexts from the extensions folder... so I did and my video works. I'm guessing that might be a problem for QE/CI but how do I get around the no video at all if I put them back?? Thanks!
  5. Generic USB2.0 (EHCI) Driver

    After I reset CMOS, before I booted up I went through and set all of the bios settings to where they were prior to the reset, including USB settings Legacy is disabled, USB is set to Hi-Speed and all of the ports are enabled.
  6. Generic USB2.0 (EHCI) Driver

    Hi all; I'm back running JaS 10.4.8 and am having the same basic problems described here; with one caveat: I used to have no problems at all. When I first installed OSX I had to fix a number of issues and USB 2.0 was one of the them and after many hours of scouring the forums I finally found a couple threads (this one included) that were very helpful. After a little work my USB 2 worked perfectly all the time. All it took was installing the new IOUSBFamily.kext from the developer kit. This was fantastic and I didn't give it a second thought, until my CMOS battery died and I had to replace that and reset my CMOS, now I have no USB 2 at all again. Since I already had the 2.6.1 version of IOUSBFamily.kext installed I attempted to go through the install for orByte's PCGenUSBEHCI to see if that would solve the problem... no dice. OSX even tells me it's still loading AppleUSBEHCI which made no sense because the file doesn't even exist in the IOUSBFamily.kext anymore... Does anyone have any ideas I can try next?? Thanks! btw: System profiler does show the High Speed USB as being available (that how I checked to see that it loaded AppleUSBEHCI), but still none of my 2.0 devices show up.
  7. I am still working with this problem as well. I can run iCal through Rosetta but as stated, it's rather slow. I'm using Jas 10.4.8 as zu1u mentioned so I have the install disc... since I'm already using it I'm not sure if that's what I should be upgrading, isn't that the file I'm already using? Also, I'm unfamiliar with pacifist, my powerbook died about 4 years ago and this is the first endevour with OSX since then so I'm a little out of date. Is there a guide for exactly what to look for and how to go about upgrading that particular ical file? Thanks.
  8. Belkin USB Wireless Adapter F5D7050

    Hi all. I recently got OSX running on my AMD system and am working on getting wireless working. After a couple hours of trying to get my Linksys PCI wireless card runnig I gave up and went to best buy for the Belkin 7050 because there seems to have been a LOT of success with that. I put it in the USB port, got a light on the unit but nothing in the system profiler. So I thought it might be a fluke and install the ZD1211 driver because I have ver. 4000 of the adapter... still nothing. At this point I have the WLAN config utility available but no adapter available, either in the config or in the system profiler... any suggestions??
  9. Jas 10.4.8 Installed GREAT! But won't boot.

    Ok, so I just zero'd out the HD again and reinstalled with slightly different options. With the install dvd in I hit F8 and then -v -s and am now able to get to the regular bsd command line. I attempt to run ./patcher 10.4.8.AMD.CPUID.txt and the command isn't found... It's progress but I still can't patch it.
  10. Hello all, I just joined the site and am new to the OSx86 concept but am VERY excited about it, unfortunately I have a problem... I can't get OSx to boot. Here's my process: -I boot from the DVD and get to the Press any key for install or F8 for options screen. -At this point if I let the countdown run out I get the "/com.....plist not found" error however if I press F8 i get the temrinal prompt and if I press any other key I get to the installer. -So I go to the installer and succesfully complete the installation making sure to install only the components reccomended in other threads on this site and on in the Jas installer. (AMD SSE2&3, no 10.4.4 login, etc...) -At the end of the install I reboot, go to the command prompt and type in the commands I'm told to at the end of the install (-v -s, reboot and the ./patcher 10.4.8.AMD.CPUID.txt) and end up back at the installer. I figured that once this was done the computer would boot up to OSx but there I am at the installer again... so I select the boot drive, I choose the HD I installed osx to and the computer restarts. I remove the DVD to allow the computer to boot from the HD without interference of the bootable DVD and let the computer go through the boot cycle. All I get is a black screen with a cursor blinking in the upper left corner of the screen. What did I do wrong? How can I boot the OS? thanks everyone!