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  1. This works for me and I'm able to boot to the desktop once, but as soon as I turn it off or try to reboot, it's broken again, and I have to go through the process once more (copying back the kexts and moving them again with these command lines). From the -v stuff I see on the screen when turning the computer off, it seems the system is doing a bunch of updates and things that break this. Any idea how to prevent it? I'm on 10.9.2
  2. Video glitches with MSI R9 280x 6GB

    Ha, you're right, thanks! I thought GE=No didn't work but it's just that it takes a lot longer to boot to the desktop... This seems to have fixed my glitching issues (and enabled the HDMI output, which I'm not really in need of, but still good to know it's there). Only little bug when doing this is that I have a "phantom display" appearing System Preferences. I only have two displays plugged in, but the computer thinks there's a 3rd one. I guess I can live with that, though. Thanks again!
  3. Video glitches with MSI R9 280x 6GB

    Hi all, I was running a pretty stable build with the following: Gigabyte GA-Z77X-UP5 TH Intel Core i7 3770K Geforce GTX570 I just got 2 of the MSI R9 280x 6GB, and after a bit of struggle, I managed to boot into MacOS. The system is seeing them at "AMD Radeon HD 7970 X-Edition 6144" in About This Mac, and as "AMD Radeon HD Tahiti XT Prototype Compute Engine" in LuxMark. Performance is fine. Only issue is I get strange glitches on my two monitors (each is connected to one of the cards). Hard to explain what they look like, and they don't appear when I do a screen recording in Quicktime, but it's random and very quick flashes, usually on the menu bar or on the sides/bottom of the screen(s). Not sure what info I should provide, so I apologise in advance for that. I boot with GraphicsEnabler=Yes, and run MacOS 10.9.2. Thanks for your help!