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  1. Hi, Thanks for the suggesting the removal of method from device (VGA). Now its booting properly. Haven't tried VGA Output/HDMI after removing the method. Hope this issue can be solved. Cheers!!
  2. @JBraddock: Hi, I wanted to inform you about an issue with the following DSDT. When I upgraded to 10.7.2, my screen turns off at login, as if my screen has no power. Please see if you have the same issue? Kindly suggest me a solution. (DSDT Fix if possible) Best Regards!! dsdt.zip
  3. @JBraddock: I am not so sure about atheros' 64 bit support after 10.6.5. I dont want to take risk ordering the card and not having support in 64bit mode. I will be buying the same HP BCM94322MC card you have referred. @Valv, @JBraddock: I am not sure, if this is the right place to ask question about the native resolution while booting, but since its related to HDX, I suppose it not a problem. How do i get native 1920x1080 res in the bootloader? I have GT 130M, and the video res options only shows 1280x720 as max resolution supported. I have read that many people are getting native resolution while booting, and it really looks nice having native res. I hope its possible. Can you please suggest me the solution, if one exists. I tried AnVaL's ACPI loader, and while booting the bootloader only shows up in half of the screen, squeezed. The rest of the screen shows static noise, as seen in the tv, but in colour. It looked very bad. So I switched back chameleon RC5. What am I doing wrong here? One more thing, if you guys dont mind, how do I add go about adding GT 130M settings in the DSDT, coz here only 9600M GT is referred. In my current DSDT, 9600M GT settings are loaded. Further, I cannot change the brightness of the screen from the keyboard. I patched my DSDT using DSDT Autopatcher. I am attaching the extracted DSDT and the one I am currently using. If its convenient with you guys, please suggest the changes needed in it. Can you also guide me to a post or some other solution for SSDT? I see you have got C-states n P-states using SSDT, in your signature. Cheers:) dsdt.zip
  4. Hi,Sorry for providing this info, but to my knowledge, Atheros cards work only in 32-bit kernel mode, the driver is not yet available for x64. Please correct me if I am wrong. All the new MBPs, iMacs are being shipped with BCM94322MC and they work in 64-bit. This is the reason I am thinking of ordering BCM94322MC. If you dont want the 104 error, then I suggest the flashing method. I had no problems flashing. It was as smooth as butter. Regarding the smbios, I am not aware AnVal's post. Could you please give me a link to it, and provide me your smbios.plist file too. Cheers:)
  5. @JBraddock: Actually, I just had that card available to me for testing the bios mod and if it was recognized as airport card by using the script. I wanted to run the test before ordering the card form ebay. I'll be ordering BCM94322MC full mini pci-e card soon for airport feature in my MBP16. @Valv: the wireless rf button is of no use, since I wont be switching off my wifi. I hardly use the button anyway. I'll be taping the pin20 on the card once I get it.Thanx for pointing out the rf wireless button problem with this mod. Cheers:)
  6. Happy new year guys:D I have it installed on my HDX 16, and have tried bcm4312mcg (my friends) with the bcm43xx enabler script. I don't get 104 error at all. The card is recognized as Airport card. You can flash your bios without any worries. Greets!!
  7. Hi Guys, @Valv,@JBraddock: Gr8 guide for DSDT patching and making our HDX almost vanilla. Now my HDX 16 can sleep/wake. Thanks guys for making this poosible. And I want to bring your attention to the following post I found the other day: Many of you are looking for wifi support here with either broadcom or atheros chip based cards. People having HDX 16/18 with F32 bios version(latest version) and 361B motherboard, can flash their bios with this modified one (no more 104 error on any card). No need to add dev id, vend id, just swap it with another card and you are good to go. You can obtain the modded version of bios from the download link below. All the credits to the guy who made this mod. (http://forums.mydigitallife.info/threads/2...9415#post349415) Cheers! HP__HDX_1x_sp46073_SLIC21_no_whitelist_by_TYAV134.zip
  8. here is the latest BIOS which will remove all whitelist and support any wifi card. tested personally. no more 104 error. HP__HDX_16_no_whitelist.zip
  9. hbk_007

    Get your UVC webcam working as Apple iSight

    Hi, I followed the above procedure, and now my webcam shows only black and nothing else. (pid 954, vid 1032 in decimal) HP Quanta Webcam. Earlier it was working properly. What advantage does this kext provide? thanx!
  10. try using the partition manager (GParted) in Ubuntu Linux. download a free copy from ubuntu.com, make a disc out of it, and boot the live disc. hopefully u can see your partitions and the files in GParted. It is very reliable, but u cant write anything into the partition if it is HFS+ (Journaled), thats the only drawback.