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  1. I know there have been a few posts about this subject but I still need advice. According to the "Read Before You Install" document on the DVD the system requirements are: Mac computer with....an Intel processor OR PowerPC G4 (867 MHz or faster) OR G5 processor at least 512 MB of RAM 9 GB of disk space My Powerbook G4 17" 1.33 GHz fulfills all these requirements and yet I still get the "Cannot install on this computer" message. Would the disk show these requirements if it was only designed for Intel machines? Has anyone with similar setup found an answer to this problem, I'd appreciate knowing what's going on. Many Thanks, Schizzo
  2. schizzo p

    Leopard on Powerbook G4

    Howdy Moose Tracks, wondered if you could help me by posting your solution to the problem again. I've got Macports but don't know how to get any further. Thanks in advance. Schizzo P
  3. schizzo p

    serial ata problem

    Hi Humanoid, been making music so didn't realise you had replied. Thanks for the thoughts....I'm gonna phone up and see what those guys say. Normally I probably would have just gone out and got a PCI card but at the moment I'm so broke it's no joke. Too make matters worse I'm on a rich vein of musical inspiration and I'm having to chuck things off my present drives to accomodate what I'm doing. Got a nice fat empty HD just grinning at me from it's slot Many Thanks for your help, All the Best....Sketch
  4. schizzo p

    serial ata problem

    Hey Humanoid, thanks again for another swift reply....got another query for you, saw this advertised http://www.maplin.co.uk/Module.aspx?ModuleNo=222115 and wondered whether it would allow me to use my SATA drive. Seems like it would allow me to connect from one of my IDE ribbons to the SATA drive. It's nighttime at the moment so I can't call the shop, and even if I could they're so PC-centric that I'm not sure I'll get any sense from them. If this is a solution then why would people spend so much on SATA PCI cards? Looking forwards to your, or anyone elses, thoughts. Thanks again for your input. Sketch
  5. schizzo p

    Final Cut Pro Problem

    Guys, this wont help all of you but if FCP starts to load then just quits before drawing canvas, browser etc, it's worth checking that all your music plug-ins are working correctly (AU's, vst). I sometimes have similar experiences to some of you and that's always been the source of my pain.
  6. schizzo p

    serial ata problem

    Thanks for that prompt reply, much appreciated. I realise that the card may not work with my Mac but I expected to see it appear in the PCI list if it was drawing power ie working (even if not with Mac OS). If a device is viable, as opposed to being broken, even without drivers (and therefore maybe unusable by Mac Os), should it still register as taking up a PCI slot.
  7. schizzo p

    serial ata problem

    Hi Guys, recently got a serial ata drive to fit in a G4...... got a Pluscom S4P-VT6421A SATA adapter which I hoped would connect to drive. Thought the first one was faulty as I couldn't see it in System Profiler ...exchanged it for new one...same result ...Although it's not listed as being supported by Mac and may not work with my computer, should it still show up on the PCI list of System Profiler or have I got a dud?...any help appreciated. Thanx
  8. schizzo p

    WMP54g v4.1 Wireless Router

    Hi All, I've recently got one of these Linksys WMP43G v4 cards.....I know there's been much discussion about getting them to work but after reading tons about the subject I'm still no nearer to success. If anyone has a solution for this card and OSX 10.4.11 I'd really appreciate a post about it. Thanks in advance for any replies
  9. schizzo p

    looking for logic pro 8 plugins presets

    To folks needing these presets I've posted them on http://download.yousendit.com/BFD47D276F25FDD5 They stay there for 7 days before they're removed...Zazzman, apologies if you still have'nt received these yet, I have been trying. Peace, schizzo p ps.......Part One of the Presets is at.... http://download.yousendit.com/75D97AB31FD38B39 Sorry about my messy posting
  10. schizzo p

    looking for logic pro 8 plugins presets

    Hey Zaz, that was before Stuffing....it's down to 2.5 now... just noticed the 2Mb limit so I'll send it in 2 parts
  11. schizzo p

    looking for logic pro 8 plugins presets

    Hey Zaz, I think I have what you need but the size is about 18 mb.... any good to you?