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    iMessage issue

    Thanks Allan for your help, i don't remember precisely but it was to solve a issue with iMessage. i followed some advices on the web and i deleted some files in system/preferences but i don't know what caused the problem! Regards, Sam
  2. samtimbaud

    iMessage issue

    up up !
  3. samtimbaud

    iMessage issue

    Hi all, I made a mistake (probably deleted the wrong file ), no account appears, it is a blank page. (look my pic) do you have a idea how to repair this error? I'm on yosemite 10.10.5 thanks in advance for your help S.
  4. Thanks Matthew for your help! it doesn't work. system uptime in nanosecond.. thks
  5. Hi guys, i made a fresh install on Elcapitan 10.11.4. all works perfectly but the power management is really strange. The score is different between the first pass and the fourth pass = 24000 to 15000 after 5 minutes of use ! and now it stay low, i have to restart the computer to have a good score. it looks like the processor weakened after each Geekbench... do you have an idea? i tried lot of solutions. with or without : SSDt, Fakecpuid, Eist, Nullcpumanager, profile6,1, profile14,2, profile 5,1 Cpu: 5820k Asus X99 deluxe thanks in advance for your help. S.
  6. samtimbaud

    osx performance

    Hi, i have the same motherboard and for me the performance are bad too! did you found a solution ?
  7. Thanks Macandrea for your Answer. i'im thinking to change the motherboard by one i already know, asus deluxe 99. i read on a forum that the X99A was very bad for OC and hard to past 20k with overclocking. look, you have to up the cpu until 4.7hz for only 23000. it's crazy! I let you know this afternoon.. Best, Sam
  8. Hi all, hi Stinga. sorry maybe for the double post i have a 5820k on X99-A and my bench is low. 4447 - 19937 @ 4.4ghz it's like the OC doesn't works, however i can see the cpu go up and down between x12-x44. i used your FakeCPUID settings if not the cpu is stuck @3.3 (no speedstep). As you can see the single core is not really bad but the multicore is low. i read some 5820k users have around 25000 bench score. what do you think? thanks for you help Info: i'm on Yosemite 10.10.5
  9. Hi all, i need for my work to use the 2nd ethernet port, but it doesn't works on X99 deluxe Yosemite 10.10.5. do you have an idea how to activate it? Best, Sam
  10. samtimbaud

    Topic Special 5960x / 10.11 Elcapitan

    Aie! we cross fingers thanks. Edit: I think I have things done correctly, but it doesn't works
  11. samtimbaud

    Topic Special 5960x / 10.11 Elcapitan

    Yes i tried to patch the kernel... always PCIconfig.
  12. hi all, Somebody succeded fresh install of Elcapitan with a 5960x? I used clover but i have always PCIconfigurationbegin until 3s then reboot for arrived again on clover page. i changed the famous Kext necessary for 5960X, i rebuilded cache. do you have an idea? Thanks. S. PS: otherwise my System works like charm on Yosemite 10.10.5