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  1. s23osx

    10.6.2 usb 2.0 & sleep snow

    I've just used these kexts (iousbfamily etc posted earlier) on my 10.6.2 install to try to resolve my usb issue (usb mouse etc working fine but ext drives and iPhone not copying properly or at all) and now all usb has been lost! Ps2 isn't recognized so I now can't even log in!! backed up my extensions before with OSXTools but I think I'll have to boot to single user and try to swap them back manually. Anyone out there have any ideas as to a better solution? (Right now I just want get my mouse n keyboard back) but also to the other usb issue? My install was 10.6.0 (10432) updated to 6.1 then 6.2, removed sleep kext and all boots fine except for the usb problems. Using a GA EP45-DS4 (ICH10R) I've tried usbfix=yes in the Extras boot.plist - Usb Legacy disabled in bios, I've reinstall the 10432 usb kexts... All to no avail. Starting to get frustrating now!!!
  2. s23osx

    What Audio Interface Do You Use?

    Focusrite saffire in use here. No real dramas, but I'd have to say that I regret selling my Motu 828MkII to go travelling....... WAAAAHH!!!
  3. s23osx

    Universal Audio Plugins

    Heya, I have a few IK's plugs on Kal's 10.5.2 Samplemoog (mono,stereo and all multis) Amplitube Ampeg SVX Amplitube 2 ARC T-RackS 3 What exactly is your problem with the keygens? Thanks Kondi, I'll give that a go. Thanks Kondi, I'll give that a go.
  4. s23osx

    Audio Out (Edirol UA-25) just stops working...

    I was using that interface for a while without too many problems to be honest, if I remember my reason for replacing was the high freq noise from the actual unit and the noise after about 1 o clock on gains... Anyway, I digress. I recently wanted to try the unit again and found the a similar problem, output just not being recognised or cutting out. Restarting seemed to work on occasions. I put it back on the shelf but my only suggestion would be to possibly try older drivers, or make the shift to 10.5. The best solution would be to replace it but that's a personal dislike I took to the unit talking really. Not sure if this is really much help but good luck.
  5. This is an awesome release, solved ALL my issues with my AMD rig. But now I'm trying to convert the g'friends Acer aspire 5720, install loads ok but the system completely shutsdown after a few minutes.. tried all the kernels/flags but still with the same problem.... Any ideas?
  6. s23osx

    8600GT Installation

    Ditto that, I used the NVinject 512 and it's fully supported
  7. s23osx

    Still waiting for root device...

    Try setting your Sata controller to AHCI, and reboot. If it boots then you need to try different kexts for your ATA controller. If you have a SB600 chipset you'll need the "SB600ATA Kexts". They can be found by searching the forum. I also changed the IDE cable I was using which stopped some intermittencies. Good Luck
  8. Haven't had that problem myself but I've seen other posts similar, try removing some Ram. There was an issue with some systems using 4gb+ and removing a stick was the easiest way to diagnose it. I assume your using 3 x 2Gb sticks? Try dropping down to 2gb and if it solves the crashing then you've identified the problem and can search the forums for a more suitable solution than losing 2/3rd's of memory! I'm no expert on this particular issue but I hope it helps. Good luck
  9. s23osx

    kernel_task spikes my cpu

    Heya, did you find a solution to this? I have identical prob.
  10. Simple question..... Will the Kalyway leopard 10.5.1 Intel sse2,sse3 iso, install on AMD? I can't find a Kalyway AMD only install but find many users that have successfully installed leopard. Hmmmm... Currently running 10.4.9 as smooth as a really smooth thing but of course.... I wanna trade my stripes for spots.
  11. s23osx

    Ati radeon Xpress X1200

    It is onboard although I've never seen any details of it being express (mobo specs etc)... would this make a big diff? If express has been ruled out (for now) with QE etc then I hope mines not a part of that!! May well be getting a new graphics card then! Any suggestions? At least to match the x1200 I was on. Does PCI express slots have any known issues in osx86? Before I make a purchase that is! Oh yeah, got USB and Ethernet... The video is my only prob now... and the sleep, that's still a prob. Thanks heaps btw, muchly appreciated!! Just looking at an ASUS EAX1050/ATI RADEON X1050, know of any issues?
  12. s23osx

    Logic Studio is working in my Hackintosh!

    Hey, I have installed 10.4.9 v1.3 uphuck but can't get Logic 8 (from the green demon) to run. Will be buyin it but I wanna know my sys will run it ok before forkin out the cash. My only prob with osx is getting the resolution probs sorted, (still hunting and experimenting). I assume my problem is related there somewhere as I see read more that it needs QE, and 64Vram(??) Pro app, won't install as it says I cannot use any of my hard-drives for the install and Logic simply tells me I cannot install on my system?? Anyone got any ideas? I'm using a ATI radeon x1200 from the mobo, however, a little birdy told me that she wont run 1x00 kexts. It uses the older x700 system and requires Callisto (tried katana but she gave me panics and a headache!). Done this but still no joy. I'll be playing with more ideas. Anyone have similar probs? I'll be monitoring post and will keep all updated on my own. I'm certain I can get this one somehow!! BIG thanks to all those geniuses and gifted poeple who have made all of this poss. You all rock my world!
  13. s23osx

    Ati radeon Xpress X1200

    I was having the same prob running an ATI Radeon X1200 512mb under a 1x00 driver, tried callisto b005 (uphuck 10.4.9 v1.3) and viola! She boots up sweet as! I've got the OS running sweet and vv fast, however, I don't have any resolution control. Any ideas? I might try swap the kext for another callisto driver as this was the first I tried with success (partially). I still have no USB or Ethernet, however these are just more probs to tackle that expand the brain I suppose (and deprave me of sleep! ) Any ideas much appreciated. Cheers to vbetts! You helped me get this far!! Hackint0sh: MSI K9AGM2 AMD 690v Chipset AMD 64x2 6000+ 2gb DDRII 667 Ram ATI Radeon X1200 512mb ATI ATA SB600 Chipset Realtek 8101E Ethernet