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  1. Toshiba a665 problems

    I'm in the same page as you, the only way to have a responsive system is with the flag cpus=1 busratio=12 (by the way the busratio is 12 not 13). I think the problem lies in the motherboard's bios..as I understand it is using some sort of UEFI and it is preventing SL to use or sync the processor properly. Other laptops like some Dells have the smae processor and have been able to boot fine with the mod kernels. BTW Were you able to boot with chameleon? I was never able to do it. I have to boot windows first.
  2. Toshiba A660 149 i5 430m

    Hey I've been trying to get the 4 cores working and have tried everything but to no avail. I tried tscsync but it panics...the only way I'm able to boot is with cpus=1 busratio=12. If I don't type that, I get an unsynchronized tsc error and a slow mouse. Anyone has any ideas as of how to boot without flags? I would really want my processor running with all cores, or else it is pretty much useless. thx I have a Toshiba A665 with i7 720QM.
  3. Toshiba A600 series (maybe others)

    I can confirm it is impossible to boot off any bootloader (I have the Toshiba A665), but if you double boot with windows (and use windows bootloader) then you run it from another partition without the need of usb.
  4. [How To] Solutions for Wireless Problems

    Hey I have the same problem as betelnuts, I bought a usb wireless card, with zydas chipset, it even came with the mac drivers but Im unable to get it to work. The wlan shows no networks, it works perfectly in xp. It is recognized as en3 an it loads the zydas1215 kext, but the light never turns on, any ideaS? thanks
  5. I have the Ga p35 ds3r and have been running my e6550 at 3.2 stable for 9 months if you want to save those extra 20 bucks. If it runs stable at 3.2, it can do the 2.66 of the e6750 easily.