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  1. Hi there, I'm pretty to new to all this hackintosh stuff but got it managed to install OSX Maverics successfully on my XPS. I read in the Tutorial I used that DisplayPort should work. I have 2 FullHD Displays connected (HDMI, Displayport) but only the HDMI one is detected. Meaning that internal Notebook Display + HDMI works flawlessly. What do I have to do to get the 2 Second Display online (and deactivate the internal one, like it is under Windows). I've read a lot through different Forums but most the answers are confusing me . So hopefully someone can give me hint. Thanks vince
  2. Hi, How do I get the DVI and the miniDisplayport to work in parallel so that I can use both external displays. My DVI Monitor + internal works flawlessly. when I attach a monitor to the miniDisplayport both other monitor are flickering for short time but the second display isn't recognized at all.