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  1. Lion GM Facetime error

    use chameleon wizard and choose from folder. http://www.kexts.com/view/1273-chameleon_wizard_2.0.html the projectosx website link i posted earlier is a tutorial on how to add the ethernet controller. Use IORegistry Explorer to find your ethernet, its easier to search through registry with that. i thought he did a pretty good job explaining things read though that carefully.
  2. Lion GM Facetime error

    check ioregistry explorer to see if the dsdt addition was added correctly. type in "ethernet" in the search and see if your controller is now under GIGE@0 if it is try deleting the network plist files and FaceTime plist files. Edit*** Just to be clear FaceTime was activated with Chameleon rc5 755 + DSDT edit. After FaceTime is activated you can update chameleon to any version and it'll still work, but if you log off you won't be able to log back in. To log in for the first time 755 must be used.
  3. Lion GM Facetime error

    Heres a tutorial that might help you add your ethernet controller to dsdt: http://www.projectosx.com/forum/index.php?showtopic=60 And yes i can confirm that once its added in there i can use any version of Chameleon and it works fine.
  4. Lion GM Facetime error

    wow that seemed to have done it. I added ethernet to my dsdt and rebooted using r755 and it finally logged in!
  5. Fastest Lion compatible Graphics card for gaming?

    5870 is faster than the 6870.
  6. Lion GM Facetime error

    i tried it with GE disabled and after getting into the system I still can't get in.
  7. Lion GM Facetime error

    what are your boot options for 755
  8. Lion GM Facetime error

    replying from build755 now. Besides the fact that it doesn't have the correct graphics enabler for my card the FaceTime still doesn't work.
  9. Lion GM Facetime error

    none of the solutions posted here worked for me.
  10. 64/32 bit

    Apple > About This Mac > More Info > System Report > Click on Software > 64-bit Kernel and Extensions: Yes or no
  11. Lion GM Facetime error

    welllpp... Lions out and ... no dice.
  12. Lion GM Facetime error

    no need to be cheeky, everyone here is here to learn. if you dont have the patience to explain without being condescending you shouldn't bother replying.
  13. Lion GM Facetime error

    This guy has it working on the macbook and their aren't widespread reports of it not working on Lion in the Apple support forums, so i doubt thats the issue.
  14. Lion GM Facetime error

    I only have a few certs and none are signed by iPhone Device CA. When we navigate to that URL in safari it asks me to choose which certificate to use in a drop down menu but i have none. Could this have anything to do with our ethernet controllers? I recall people having trouble signing in to the App Store where it said something about a GUID error. The "EthernetBuiltIn=yes" flag in boot plist fixed that problem. Ive got a Yukon 88E8056 and RTL8110SC, neither of them work with FaceTime.
  15. Lion GM Facetime error

    Thanks for the reply but theres no such certificate that exists in keychain access. Ive searched google extensively and haven't found a solution yet. A reinstall of Lion did not work either.