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  1. Salve, ho uno strano problema con una P6T con su 10.8.3. La macchina funziona perfettamente, vorrei però aggiungere una scheda PCI ethernet BCM5701 (che sarebbe supportata dal kext nativo). Quando la inserisco ed avvio in -v si blocca a: IOBluetoothHCIController::setConfigState calling registerService se invece avvio in -x -v ottengo un kernel panic. Allego screenshot di entrambe le condizioni. La scheda funziona perfettamente se avvio una live di linux o la monto su altro pc. Curioso che le prime due-tre volte ho pure bootato osx (non me la vedeva, però bootava!). Idee? suggerimenti? :( Grazie.
  2. TheCONDOR

    [DSDT] AsRock H61M-ITX

    I'm really proud to upload my edited DSDT for this very cheap motherboard (latest bios) that works flawlessly. My config: H61M-ITX i3 2105 Integrated HD3000 ML 10.8.1 You don't need of NullCPUPowerManagement, i'm running with just FakeSMC and smbios (macmini) For the ethernet controller use the Lnx2Mac kext. For audio I've fixed the DSDT for 10.8.1 so HDMI audio work out the box, for analog audio in/out use tonymacx86 ALC alpha ML kext without any enabler! THANKS TO TONYMACX86 FORUM AND OLARILLA FORUM FOR THE KNOWLEDGE. dsdt.zip
  3. risolto, il fakesmc c'era. Ho fatto un reset del CMOS. Ora che sono up&running provo a rilavorare un po' col dsdt. Su 10.7 ero riuscito a far funzionare tutto nativamente necessitando solo del fakesmc.kext ed applehda prova a boottare con -v all'avvio e vedi dove si blocca. Prova anche, lasciandoti una backdoor per poter ripristinare la situazione di partenza, a sostituire l'appleacpiplatform con quello della 10.6.8 (lo trovi qui sul forum nel topic relativo all'update 10.7.4).
  4. Ciao, ho problemi con una p6t i7 920 e la GM Ho creato la penna ed installato con lo script ma al riavvio resto bloccato a ACPI_SMC_PlatformPlugin: :registerLPCDriver -failed to locate SMC driver ho anche provato a sostituire AppleACPIPlatformManagent.kext con quello prelevato da 10.6.8 ma non è cambiato niente, si blocca subito sotto con 'Resetting IOCatalogue' fermo restando l'errore sopra indicato. Qualche suggerimento?
  5. TheCONDOR


    Hi, thanks for your hard works. I've put on my chameleon usb boot your latest FakeSMC - SuperIOSensors - IntelThermal - NouveauSensors and rebuilt the kext cache. When I try to open HWMonitor any value appear. I used the latest file on your GitHub (folder Binaries). What can I tray? I'm on 1.7.4 P6T with speedstep enabled DSDT. Previously i used your winbond kext and older HWMonitor app (on the first page of this topic) and i correctly see cpu-hdd-fan value.
  6. TheCONDOR

    Asus EEE 1215N

    Linux users solved their problems with Nvidia Optimus: http://www.martin-juhl.dk/ We can hope in a porting for OSX?
  7. Hi,

    sorry but I sold the 6292 about 3 years ago and when i sold it OSX can't run on it. Today I think it works fine with ideneb or any other distro! The chipset is INTEL and be used by a lot of other notebook, and the VGA is Intel x3100 and on this forum there are a lot of topic about it.

    Sorry but I can't help you more :(

  8. I saw that the overall performance are a bit better if we start with 32bit kernel... fundamentally the 64bit kernel doesn't make any difference in workstation usage like lightroom or other 64bit applications. It's better for server apps, but not for desktop usage.
  9. TheCONDOR

    BONJOUR UPDATE 2010-001

    No problem on Asus P6T with 10.6.2 vanilla. Used RTL-R1000.kext replacement for fixing bonjour. No problem after this update.
  10. if you are using applehda and hdaenabler in your /extra, try to remove AppleHDA in /system/library/extensions and after rebuilt the mkext with kextutility
  11. WooooW!!! On P6T, but it's the same.. and without CPU OC only XMP for running my 1600Mhz Corsair at full speed:
  12. TheCONDOR

    AppleHDA HDAenabler & Bluetooth Headset

    i'm the only one with this problem?!
  13. Hi, i've only this stupid problem on my hackintosh based on Asus P6T (Realtek ALC1200): with AppleHDA and HDAEnabler patech on my usb stick, sound works correctly (my speakers works fine), but i've also a bluetooth headset for skype and it doesn't works. It's paired and all other, but when i start a call i cant' hear nothing, after some minutes bluetooth crash. I've also tried to set the headset like a simple mono speaker, but still doesn't working. if i remove the HDA patching file, and start WITHOUT my ALC1200 function, the headset works fine. So it's a problem of patched HDA or HDAenabler... someone have a similar problem and can help me? Thanks a lot