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  1. Thanks René that did the trick. Greetings and appreciation from New Jersey! Im now fully operational... time to check out airplay screen sharing.
  2. Thanks for the reply!! Just deleted it and repaired permissions-- no luck. Any other suggestions?
  3. Greetings all-- Tried yesterday to do a clean vanilla install of MLion on my gigabyte G-41M-ES2L w/ GeForce 8400GS (which had previously run a vanilla Lion 10.7.4 with no problems with a custom DSDT and only fakesmc in the extensions folder) Bought a new SSD, and I successfully ran the 10.8 installer without problems. Got a kernel panic immediately on reboot. Booted into safemode and created my user account. Booted my other drive to 10.7 and ran Chameleon 2035, also used my working DSDT from lion..... smbios.plist, fakesmc.kext. I also went with NullCPUPowerManagement just in case. I tried to boot after this but run into a kernal panic. I am able to boot in safemode -x I've tried –npci=0x2000 and PCIRootUID=0 to no avail. Attached are two photos of the -v boot: from the -v output its not immediately clear to me what my next move should be. This is my fifth osx86 build... Any help the community can offer would be much appreciated!