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  1. You guys can check here: https://github.com/artas182x/Y510p-OS-X You guys can check here: https://github.com/artas182x/Y510p-OS-X
  2. There you go. VoodooPS2Controller.kext.zip
  3. If this doesn't work, let me know. I'll upload what I'm using on my HP. That should work.
  4. That's great. So touchpad is usually easy. Especially our laptop has PS2 touchpad. I think you have Synaptic touchpad. Mine was ELAN so, the link that I shared earlier worked for me. I have a HP laptop with Synaptic. I used this Voodoo rather than rehabman's https://github.com/acidanthera/VoodooPS2/releases Check this out. It has inbuilt gestures and everything and works out of the box.
  5. For battery, you have to patch your DSDT. For touchpad, first of all check which touchpad you have. If its ELAN, https://osxlatitude.com/forums/topic/1948-elan-focaltech-and-synaptics-smart-touchpad-driver-mac-os-x Or else use Voodoo https://github.com/acidanthera/VoodooPS2
  6. Just a little update. I've settled in Mojave for now. I'll wait for Catalina to get a little stable. Mojave is working absolutely fine for now. https://imgur.com/mc9KxVA
  7. Hey @ahmed_ais, After your update to 10.11.5, is the sound working? As per this thread, http://www.tonymacx86.com/threads/fix-10-11-4-broken-audio-with-applehda-injector-dummyhda.188853/, your method should not work in 10.11.5?
  8. mate, I'm facing the exact same issue. My chipset is RTL8136. This was the only driver that worked. I am also getting IP and everything, but no internet. Were you able to find any solution?
  9. hellrokr

    AppleHDA Patcher

    this is brilliant.
  10. I think that was already mentioned in the guide. No extra kexts should be there.
  11. cleared kernel cache and reboot twice. worked. thanks !
  12. well, I did read everything and tbh I really wanted to know what all patches, flags stands for but I couldn't. So here I had my config which was working with full hd support and I had your config.plist which was giving a kernel panic. My pc was restarting as soon as I selected my hdd in clover. Now I'm using your config file with these two options checked so don't really know what else it could have been. I'll come back to this later. But I have another issue to focus on to right now. After I used your config, this is how my top bar look like: http://imgur.com/7hmnUwc The other half of this bar is perfect, all other gfx is perfect. It's just this half of a bar! Anyways thanks for the insight. I'll dig in what really the problem is.
  13. Wooohooooo! My sound and brightness both works now! Although I'd like to point is that my hackintosh was stuck in a bootloop with the config shared by ahmed. By bruteforce I found out that I had to enable "Kernel LAPIC" and "kernelPm" in kernel and kext patches section in clover config. If any one in future is stuck at this, then this is the solution. Cheers guys for making this work! I can now work on making sleep work. Yay!
  14. can you post me your config.plist? The config file I have, I believe has a lot of extra entries in SortedOrder, KernelAndKextPatches. Edit: Tried your way of installing the kext for audio. Didnt work. After that I tried to run the script by ahmed to patch the audio and got this log in the terminal and audio still does not work: http://imgur.com/DhgZbkJ Is it normal? config_after_audio.zip