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  1. Dual boot win7 and SL 10.6.2

    it is working now, win7 created 2 partitions. and i selected te wrong one :S now i dual boot without a problem! whoehoe! InsanalyMac the best!
  2. Dual boot win7 and SL 10.6.2

    I finally got time to install Win7. I disconnected the SL drive and installed Win7 on an empty 200gb sata disk. When Win7 finished i have run win update en restarted a few times. no problems! When i connect the SL drive with cameleon, it works good, i get the cameleon boot menu with win7 & SL.. Booting OSX works fine, but if I choose the Win7 drive in Chameleon I get "BOOTMGR is missing". Anyone a tutorial to fix this without destroying my SL disk?
  3. Hi Macfans, I hope some of you can help me. First, my english is not so good, i do my best. I have installed SL, it works perfect. i use cameleon to boot into SL. It is installed on a 500gb sata drive. 1 partition. I have a 200gb sata drive, i would like to install win7 on it. What can i do now? can i disconnect the 500gb sl drive and connect the 200gb drive and install win7.. and after the instal connect the 500gb back? will win7 appear in cameleon then? I do not want to mess up my 500GB SL drive, it works perfect now. I hope someone could help me. Greets rob
  4. Hi, I used this guide a few weeks ago, and everything works! great work. (10.6.2) I always do my work on my macbook pro, now my girlfriend is using my macbook so i need to use the hackintosh for work. I need to install a plugin for adobe aftereffects, now it says: you need to install rosetta... can i do that without problems? sorry for my noob qeustion and bad english. Grtz, Rob
  5. Hi, At this moment i have 10.5.8, and want to do a clean install and use Snow Leopard. I would like to buy a new harddrive, is a 1TB drive supported? thnx
  6. Problem with dvd reader/writer

    This week i buyed an extern 5.25'' dvd case, with usb connection. I installed my ide-writer in the case and now my problem is gone! This topic can be closed!
  7. Problem with dvd reader/writer

    maybe it will help to use an external dvd reader? on USB?
  8. First, My english is not very well... I have a hackintosh since 7 months. i started with 10.4.8 (jass) and now i am on 10.5.1 (kalyway). I have a problem on both versions. When i insert a dvd or cd, it does not matter it's empty or not. the cd/dvd starts spinning, and i can go too the finder.. I can open files from the cd/dvd, But then the whole PC hangs. I get the grey screen, there stands written in several languages, to restart the system. (kernel panic?) it takes between 1 and 5 minutes before it crashes, When i insert a empty cd/dvd, and start Toast. the burn process will start, mostly the pc crashes under the write process, so the cd is broken. My setup: Motherboard: Gigabyte Ga-P35 DS4 Proces: Q6600 (qaudcore 4x2.44mhz) Memory: 4x 1gb kingston ddr2 800mhz Videocard: Ati x1950gt Cd/Dvd: Pioneer 111d. (ide). I boot in AHCI. I read a lot of messages that people are happy with their pioneer 111d, so it must work...but how? This says the system information: PIONEER DVD-RW DVR-111D: Model: PIONEER DVD-RW DVR-111D Revisie: 1.23 Externe eenheid: No Protocol: ATAPI Eenheidnummer: 0 Sockettype: Intern Low power polling: No The writer works fine in windows xp, but i need the writer everyday, so i must reboot everytime. This is my only problem with the mac. I LIKE MY MAC
  9. After reading lots of topics, i have ordered some hardware: Pentium Q6600, Gigabyte P35-DS4, 2x2gb ddr2 800, Sapphire X1950GT 512mb, Maxtor SATA 500gb This would be my first ''mac''. I would like to try the mac.nub 10.4.10 install dvd, Can someone tell me which drivers i need to select in the installation. Thanx, Rob [n00b] (sorry for my worse english)