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  1. Microphone for OSX86 with preamp ?

    You could use this as a complete and inexpensive solution: BLUE EYEBALL BLUE Eyeball, portable Webcam / Condenser Microphone Combination USB, Super HD Video Resolution, USB-Connection, for WIN/MAC, Monitor Adapter for optimal Positioning, USB-Cable included. Unser Preis* incl. MwSt. und Versandkosten EUR UVP: Sie sparen: (entspricht %) Artikelnr. 221022 Found it at Thomann:
  2. Working ALC272 HD Audio Kext!

    It looks like Brambo tried this with no luck. I don't have a d150 myself, but I would be glad to pass a little bit more information onto the acer aspire one user forum, where people seem to be waiting for such a working kext. Would you mind telling us on which platform and version of OSX does it work? Would it be too much asking for an installation procedure? Thanks
  3. Running Logic and Kontakt3 (+ some external midi synths) on an ASUS P5K Deluxe + RME Fireface800 + MOTU MidiExpress + Mackie MCU: all the rig is working flawlessly on 10.5.2 . 4G of ram, Intel 45nm. Quad Core processor. I have still another hackintosh (Dual Core) on the same gigabit network, running as a Logic Node without problems .