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  1. how to make the HP webcam work? are there any kexts for ralink/mediatek RT3290 wireless and bluetooth? is there any guide to fix the brightness? in the middle of the booting proccess the apple logo gets washed away in a way similar to incorrect edid injection,any fix for that? Thanks
  2. How to fix the brightness?
  3. i looked up the page but it didnt work also there is a fake id thing which i cant figure out... i tested 0x01660003 3 ports 1024 vram....same update... it now works with 0x016600003 and duallink 0 fakeis is 0x00000000 but the the brightness is reduced a little and the apple logo is washed out when booting
  4. Hello i managed to install yosemite on HP g6-2290sx using clover efi r2953 ... i ve got the trackpad,keyboard,battery and audio working... However i cant get the intel HD 4000 to work as it should, it has only 4 mb vram and graphics are slow and has artifacts. also i need to get the ralink wifi and bluetooth and the realtek ethernet to work... list of hardware: Audio IDT working automatically GPU intel HD 4000 not working preoperly trackpad working keyboard working USB working battery working ralink wifi not working ralink bluetooth not working realtek ethernet not working properly Thanks
  5. i installed ubuntu but cant boot it :3 i need to install grub 64 efi on the efi partition but i dont know how >_<
  6. this guide doesnt work for me, i actually looked at it b4 posting this thread... windows installation doesnt work this way,linux installs normally but isnt bootable and i cant find the grub 2 files on the efi partition...
  7. Hello This is my second Thread i have a working mac os x 10.9 mavericks on the wd 500gb hdd on the first partition ,second partition is for snow leopard but empty, third partition is ext4 ubuntu, fourth partition is ext4 debian, fifth partition is HFS+ for data only, sixth partition is EXT4 for data only , seventh is swap. i installed ubuntu and debian to their partitions but cant boot them ! i thought that they would be recognized by clover efi but they aren't recognized :/ Clover is working normally without and able to boot os x without any problem. System specs : CPU : Core i7 4770 non k ! MB : ASUS MAXIMUS VI FORMULA RAM : kingston HyperX BEAST 2x8 16GB kit HDD : lots of stuff but i am using a western digital 500GB caviar green drive for testing , will be upgrading to intel series 320 160 GB SSD GPU : ASUS Nvidia GTX 650 TI BOOST OC (I know that this gnu is irrelevant with the rest of the specs this is my old gpu) SPU : the internal ALC1150 for now. WIFI+BLUETOOTH : included mpcie combo broadcom wifi and bt . What can i do to make this work ? Thanks
  8. it worked now it was missing fakesmc
  9. i tried pokenguyen's AIO Guides for Hackintosh and his Hackintosh Vietnam Tool and i get the same error !