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  1. could not complete your update...

    GTX970x2 ... though OSX10114 running under in a vm.
  2. could not complete your update...

    Is there a specific reason iMovie is not updating? The issue is not GPU related or system related, however, running OSX has worked flawlessly for me under VM until iMovie or iTunes changed something.
  3. Running OSX-ELC 10.11.3 as a vm image, since I no longer have my MBP. Get message "Your computer's video card does not meet the minimum system requirements" when attempting to update iMovie. iMovie installed, updated and ran fine a few months ago! Any ideas how to resolve this?
  4. Hey guys, just wondering if you'd be willing to complete a 2 minute or less survey? I'm a student at UMass and it would be really appreciated. Link below https://www.surveymonkey.com/s/KVVHP78
  5. Hilarious. AMD FirePro has no match with PROFESSIONAL nVidia cards. Lol, Finalcut. Telsa, Quadro are and have been the top choice by professionals for many years and the preferred hardware for rendering platforms like Vectorworks, AutoCad, Rhino, oh and lets not forget one of the behemoth flagship rendering software out there.... If you knew your stuff you'd know which platform I'm talking about. Serious professionals use it. Hint... first letter O. Come on what you said is all pseudoscience, theconnactic. You must be some hardcore Apple fanatic and desperately defending them. Seriously, dude, the garbage can is just that. Apple products for production are overrated and garbage, well this one anyway. The older Mac Pros were better than this garbage can {censored}, people had the ability to ACTUALLY upgrade them without the burden of Apple saying what they can and cannot do with a system, which they purchased and own. In all relativity it's a {censored} product, again, Apple trying to control the masses. You do NOT limit a persons ability to expand their system period. Apples moto, work with the technology not the people. The real success is when you work with the community and build around the technology for the future.. the new Mac Pro is opposite to that. Oh wait.. Can you "upgrade" the new Mac Pro? Yes, CPU, memory only. Can you "expand" internal components/peripherals? No. Peripheral upgrades must be external devices. Whatever, certainly, unprofessional and clutters the workstation area. Can you "upgrade" memory beyond the logic boards capabilities? No, it must be an "Apple" certified logic board, 64GB of memory at max! Oh, PLEASE. A real rendering production workstation requires 128GB+, well at least within my firm and the dozens of others we collaborate with. Can you "upgrade" logic board? No, it must be an "Apple" certified logic board. Can you "upgrade" the processor? Yes, but you're limited to what Apple offers, and the logic boards capabilities. Oh, please! So, let me get this correct. You're telling me the only way I can come close to the Mac Pro pricing and convenience is by building a machine with an i7 and standard gaming GPU? I couldn't possibly build a better system with Xeon X5 and Quadro, and, get this, wait for it... expandable? Lol. Seriously, what are you talking about. I'm sure you passed high school math and if you have a volume discount you can certainly build a better system at a fraction of the price of the new Mac Pro. The Mac Pro is a heaping pile of a paper weight and my personal workstation would turn that thing to dust. I'm not saying I don't enjoy OSX, I do for some applications, but as for rendering it doesn't stand a chance. That is one reason the TOP software companies build their platforms on Windows. Oh, and don't give me this childish {censored} on how OSX is better than the Windows platform. If Apple quit their childish bs, people would have awesome workstations with the ability to expand and upgrade with only the limitations of technology, as consumers had in the past, NOT the limitations of a garbage can. The new Mac Pro certainly looks like some rainbow dancing bigot designed it. You're argument about OpenCL. Please. CUDA, Nvidia, supports OpenCL and has for a very long time. OpenCL is still a very weak architecture. Answer a few questions: Care about performance? You want a Tesla card, so that TCC drivers are available to you. (Linux, it doesn't matter. TCC is fast for all.) Care about GPU acceleration in various proprietary CAD, Digital graphic design, animation platforms? Quadro, Telsa is recommended by most. Care about memory error-correction (ECC), GPU acceleration, simultaneous bidirectional card<->host transfer options? Tesla or Quadro. Period. Need a lot of device memory? You want Quadro 12 GB, Tesla 6GB, or Titan 6GB. Yes, Titan cards can supplement Quadro or Telsa. It depends on YOUR need and production requirements. A HIGH production client you'll be dumb not to invest in Quadro or Telsa. Care about double precision performance? You want Tesla, Quadro or Titan. Care about memory bandwidth and single precision performance? A GTX 780 is nearly as fast, but not as reliable, as a K20X or Titan, and the GTX 780 Ti will likely be as fast as the K6000. It all depends on PRODUCTION needs. If you run a rendering platform 24/7 you'll want ECC and the preimum support nvidia offers with commercial Quadro and Telsa cards. If you're a freelancer or hobbyist, and don't require the needs of heavy production, then a GTX 780, Ti, or Titan is suitable enough for computations.
  6. Well, VM is not hype. Especially when developers are beginning to expand deeper into the realm of hardware passthrough. XEN technology is where it's at for Operating Systems, it will mean virtually no boot times between systems and dual booting will be limitless.
  7. lol, the answer is an astounding. Yes There is no such thing as an "external" card for CUDA hardware. Especially state of the art cards like Telsa and Quadro... the new Mac Pro, garbage, has no availability for them. Period. If you believe that ViDock is a solution you are surely wrong.
  8. I guess when you take away the ability to expand a device... it, must, surely be a deal.
  9. May as well bump this old thread. Moved a new image to a different machine so it will serve as a dedicated system. Upon booting the image I receive the same message as others: System Specs: System Manufacturer: INTEL_ System Model: D525MW__ BIOS: Default System BIOS Processor: Intel(R) Atom(TM) CPU D525 @ 1.80GHz (4 CPUs), ~1.8GHz Memory: 4096MB RAM
  10. Mouse issues

    I guess its safe to assume no one is willing to provide help regarding the issue. I'm sure it's an easy fix, for a dev, but I'm not familiar with the mac command line to uninstall the app.
  11. Mouse issues

    So no one has attempted to run Mavericks from within vmware? or even replicate the issue? or even force uninstall the application "usb overdrive" from within terminal?
  12. Mouse issues

    Currently running 10.9.3 on VMware 10 and works great until I installed some applications (word, pages, usb overdrive) and rebooted. I suspect the issue is USB overdrive. Problem is.... I'm unable to uninstall the application to see if that's what caused the mouse to bug out. I'm unable to click on anything on the display after a necessary reboot, which USB Overdrive required. I can however right click, but when I right click on any part of the display the context menu will display an inch above the bottom right of the display. When I hover the mouse over top of the context menu, nothing highlights nor are the submit buttons clickable. Left click does absolutely nothing, so I'm unable to use the mouse to get into preferences to uninstall usb overdrive. I've been trying keyboard shortcuts, win+f , type "overdrive" , then tab to select uninstall usb overdrive then win+o to launch it, the uninstall dialog appears but unable to tab over, use arrow keys to move over, etc, to select uninstall and "quit" is selected by default. If I press enter, obviously, the uninstaller will quit. If I attempt to left click on "uninstall" the dialog box is forced into the foreground, then i'll have to win+tab to select he window again. Small video showing whats going on: I'm left clicking on the submit buttons, dock, and toolbar. You'll see when I click anywhere that the current window "Uninstall USB Overdrive" falls to the foreground, then win+tab to bring it back. I'm also right clicking on the desktop and the context menu displays on the bottom right. When I use the arrow keys, I just get the error wav as you'll hear. http://smg.photobucket.com/user/epicwinter/media/OSX_Mouse/Mavericks10931.mp4.html