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  1. Okay, but i have tried both and it still dosent work any more sugetions ? When i think of it i have installed Intel Rapid storage so that i could use my two 4tb seagate drives, does this have anything to say ?
  2. I have done that but nothing is detected Im downloading osx mavricks on my vmware mavrick machine now, do you guys belive it will fix the problem if i try to install mavricks ?
  3. Hi, im about to install osx 10.7(to later upgrade to mavricks) on my computer, i have installed osx on my computer before but had to uninstall it(because of memory problems). So when i was about to select the disk to install osx on i couldent find any of my internal disks, only my external disk where showing. I have two 4tb segate disks, 1 ocz agility 3 112gb ssd, and a old 600 gb samsung disk. I have tried both the sata3 and sata2 ports but with no luck. My motherboard is a Ga-Z77-D3H. It seems like the installer(i used myhack and the installESD.dmg to make it) doesent make contact with the SATA Controller. so what sould i do ? Sorry for my english, and thanks on beforhand.