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  1. hey folks on my leapord install both vm ware fusion and parallels 3 will show as blank when you try to install, as in the display is frozen but the program is working and installing windows as normal If I take a screen grab it actually shows it fine in the screenshot but not on the desktop. seems hard to explain so here are screens. First what I see when running the program..
  2. thanks for the quick response. it seems it only happens with the xtx lol. not alot of folks seem to have this card though, will try it and report back once you have released it
  3. hey this release sounds fantastic. just wondering if the included drivers for the ATI have resolved the dam fan issue on x1950xtx. it puts me off running the mac pc as its constantly on all the time. I bought a silent heatsink that didnt fit properly lol.
  4. My vsync does not work on ati x1950xtx !

    hey there. my first post but i notice you have the same motherboard chip and gfx as me. I also have an x1950XTX but I have not for the life of me managed to get a driver for it. Can I ask what one you are using and if there was a guide you followed. Fuzzy writing and 1400 res is really getting to me now. I also do not have Vsync. Thanks.