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  1. Today i have succesfully installed os x 10.9.0 on my AMD PC I have 4 issues with mavericks at the moment. 1. i get a static noise from my speakers as soon as the mac boots up. i have installed a audio driver from ##### but nothing changed. 2. i can not sign in to iMessage. it keeps saying there was an error during activation. 3. The safari font is blurry and colourful. The Google (its not just google its every website that uses that font) font is the one that's messed up but apart from that its fine. i done a font validation and it never found any error 4. My Keyboard Randomly stops working and when i unplug it and plug it back in it has no lights (Its getting no Power) it is plugged into to the purple socket. (cant remember what it is called) Thx for any help.
  2. I have successfuly installed Mavericks on my pc. thx for your help
  3. My specs are: Asus m5a97 r2.0 Amd fx 6300 8gb gskill 2133mhz ram Nvidia geforce gt 610 Thx for any help I want to also dual boot it with windows 7 ultimate which i already have installed.